More Flexible Ways To Work

In recent years the world of work has seen major changes. We are no longer confined to working within an actual work setting in order to be productive and effective. Neither does work have to be done during the hours of 9 to 5, and we no longer have to do everything face to face. Flexible working has become something that has allowed parents with young children to be able to return to work, whilst co working spaces have allowed the self employed, the independent worker and the budding entrepreneur to use an office environment without the huge expense of needing premises for your young business.

Co-Working Space

Co-working space in an office environment is a growing trend as it allows people to have the legitimacy and the atmosphere of working in an office without the huge bills that can come from owning your own premises. They also allow you to avoid the isolation of being a lone, or home worker, as you are surrounded by fellow creative people who are in the same position as you are.

A good example of a co-working space is Signature Works, which supports coworking in Liverpool. They offer the chance to not only rent your own desk, but to have a dedicated landline that could be a real help in establishing your new business. If you need something more private, you can also use the company to find Office Space in Liverpool which you can still rent as you need it, this can be a great stepping stone to eventually founding your own office as your business grows.

Flexible Working

Flexible working hours are something that any employee can now request from their employers as long as they have 26 weeks continuous employment. The rise of new technology, like Skype, and video conferencing, which can allow you to simultaneously host a video meeting for a group of people, means that working from home is no longer an impossibility, even when working on important projects and with clients.  Flexible working hours, either less hours, or partially working from home, allows both parents, not just the mother, the opportunity to juggle the commitments of family life, to not have to miss out on the school run, or the Christmas play, yet again. But still being able to achieve great things in the world of work.

The evidence says that workplaces that allow flexible working hours see an increase in productivity, a decrease in workplace absences and actually find their staff to be a happier, less stressed workforce. If you are thinking of applying for flexible working hours, remember that employers have to listen to your requests and make every attempt to accommodate, but it is also a good idea for you to show your boss how attractive this could be for the company, rather than just for you as an individual. If you think this is something that could benefit your family, now is the time to make your stand and to make that change now. It could be the best thing you have ever done.