More Gift Ideas For Women

Got all your pressies sorted yet? If the answer is no, then I have another gift guide with some more ideas for personalised gifts, chocolate lovers delights, sporty ideas and a quick beauty fix that is the perfect stocking filler.

Guylian Chocolates

Guylian produce some of the most beloved and recognisable chocolates in the World, the marbled shaped seashells and seahorses that have that delicious hazelnut praline filling.

This Christmas, a box of the classic Guylian originals would definitely be a good gift idea, they are beautifully boxed, taste like a dream, and are also very reasonably priced for something which both tastes and looks so good. The Original chocolates come in boxes of 250g and 375g. With the largest box having a rrp of just £7.50, I think these are a complete no brainer, whether as a gift for the teacher, or a stocking filler for your wife or girlfriend.

Ombar Coco Mylk Bars

If you are looking for a sweet treat for someone who is Vegan, or has an allergy to diary products, take a look at the Ombar Coco Mylk Bars. Coco Myk is a raw Ecuadorian chocolate bar that is incredibly creamy like milk chocolate but doesn’t include dairy. It uses 100% organic coco that is mixed with coconut cream and caramel tasting coconut sugar to create a gorgeous chocolate bar that is both diary free, vegan and is refined sugar free.

A 70g vegan bar costs £3.29 from the Ombar website.

Michael Phelps Swimming Goggles

If you have a loved one who takes their swimming very seriously, then a pair of Michael Phelps swimming goggles could be the gift you need. The K180 by MP Michael Phelps has curved lenses for really wide 180 degree panoramic vision and an ultra soft Softeril seal which feels comfortable without pinching. They come with 3 interchangable nose bridges for the perfect custom fit.

These are one of the best designed goggles on the market and bound to be loved by wannabe Olympians, especially with Tokyo 2020 just around the corner!  SRP £19.99.  and available at

A Beautiful Mirror From Bathrooms Online UK

A lovely gift idea for someone with a new home, or in the middle of some home renovations could be one of the glorious bathroom mirrors from Bathrooms Online UK. The mirrors that they stock would be the envy of Malificent, large, ornate and really beautiful looking, perfect for transforming your domain into something very glamorous and elegant.

Whether your style is modern, or you prefer something more traditional, like a Georgian style mirror, or something from the ultra stylish Art Deco era, you will find something for your taste from their extensive online range.

Leighton Denny Nail Polish

A great stocking filler is a great Pillar box shade of red nail polish. Leighton Denny is one of my fave brands of nail polish, with a great range of colours, quick drying formulas, and chip proof coverage. They have a great range of red shades which are just perfect for the festive season (for me it must be red for Christmas).

Motif Photo Book

A personalised photo book is a gorgeous present idea, and with Motif you can do it all on your phone, using all those photographs you take all the time and leave on your camera role. Motif provides the perfect personalised gift guaranteed to make Christmas more meaningful. The free-to-download app helps users create beautiful photo books, calendars and cards using all the wonderful moments and memories that they have captured in photos across the years.

The App is only available for  iOS at the moment, but it is such a lovely gift idea that is totally personal and could be great for a grandparent, to send across the miles or even for a godparent.


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