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More Little Fashion Books From Welbeck Publishing

The ultra stylish range of ‘Little Fashion’ books from Welbeck Publishing are welcoming the arrival of two new titles. The Little Book of Balenciaga by Emmanuelle Direx (click here to buy),  and The Little Book of Valentino by Karen Homer (available for pre order here), are the latest additions to the range that already counts books about Chanel, Dior, Prada, Gucci and Louboutin amongst its sartorial offerings. As ever, the books are beautiful, packed full of facts about the designers and their design houses, all illustrated with lots of full colour photographs. Whether you require these for research, as reading material, or just to look good on your coffee table, these are books designed to delight.

The Little Fashion books follow a standard format. They are a perfect introduction to a designer, as they give the complete story, from the early days of a fashion label, to the key looks and designs that made the designer iconic, and then take us up to the present day, where we can see who is now in control of the label, and what direction it has taken in recent times. All of this is illustrated beautifully through the photographs, which incorporate archive looks in black and white, full colour ads and catwalk shots, and also celebrity fans wearing the brand. This helps to bring up a perfect snapshot of each iconic designer.

These books perfectly encapsulate the aura of the key designers. In the Valentino book for instance, we get a section focusing on the designers famous use of red, along with another showing some of the celebrity wedding dresses that he designed. The Balenciaga tome focuses heavily on the influence of Spain, and Spanish culture, on the designs that made him famous, and how these influences reflected on all his key looks.

As you would imagine for books that are all about style, these are beautiful in their appearance, with a plain, hardback cover dominated by the designers name. The ‘Little Books’ all have a different coloured cover allowing you to build up a library of these exquisite books that look as stylish as their content.

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