#MorrisonsMums Bank Holiday challenge

The three bank holidays have to be my favourite part of Spring. Those extra family days and the chance to spend some quality time together (and have an extra lie-in!), all these treats are just part of the reason why Spring is fast becoming my favourite season. This Mayday bank holiday  was given an extra fun twist when I was chosen to be a #MorrisonsMum, taking part in a special shopping and cooking challenge.

Last Thursday (May 1st) Morrisons supermarket launched a new and cheaper Morrisons. Proclaiming that there would be no difference in the great quality choice and produce that customers expect from Morrisons, the supermarket had slashed the price of thousands of family favourite, everyday items. Moreover, this is not just a bank holiday treat, or a seasonal promotion, if you see a new yellow label saying ‘I’m cheaper’, then the new lower prices are here to stay. I was sent £80 of vouchers to do my usual shop at Morrisons, and to see if my money stretched any further with the new low prices.


I must admit that I don’t always shop at Morrisons. I tend to use different supermarkets on different weeks, not necessarily going to the same store week in, week out. I’ve used Aldi quite a lot recently, but also Sainsburys on other occasions. But my mom is a Morrisons girl so I was more than happy to give it a try.

The store itself is bright and airy, and I like the wide aisles and the fresh produce counter. The new yellow signs were everywhere to see, and you could also take advantage of lots of promotions.  We filled our trolley with food for the week, including items for meals, and luxuries like extra tea (the Twinnings at £2 a box was too good to leave behind), Cadburys Caramel ice creams at half price (£1.24 for 4) and biscuits to satisfy my sweet tooth. My husband thought the total trolley cost would be over the £80 vouchers, but it actually came in at £71.20 – we were both pleasantly surprised.









DSCN7084The shopping experience was pretty stress free, and we finished off in the cafe, which was also very reasonably priced.




During our shop we had planned a special meal for Bank Holiday Monday – hubby is very much into cooking at the moment, and had been watching Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey on You Tube to find the best way to cook a fillet steak. We selected to prime cuts from the meat counter, along with hand cut chunky chips, Cajun spiced onion rings, ranch salad and ranch dressing. Joe insisted on chicken nuggets (not a steak fan). This meal was £17 in total – around £5.66 per person.  It tasted totally delicious!

DSCN7126[1]All in all, I was pretty impressed with the Morrisons range, quality and value. There are some serious bargains to be found in the new price points, and a visit to the cafe for coffee and cake is a great way to end your supermarket trip. I would also totally recommend the Cajun onion rings – to die for!

*I was sent £80 in vouchers for Morrisons to take part in this Britmums

4 thoughts on “#MorrisonsMums Bank Holiday challenge

  1. Just love fillet steak, usually get it from the butchers but that’s not a bad price tbf.

  2. Arrgg I missed this Morrisons challenge,we love it here as you are always guaranteed to pick up some fruit and veg at a great price 🙂

    Yum, glad you got lots of lovely food 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to the weekend blog hop …

  3. Some of the prices are definitely moving into discounter territory (the lettuces etc).

    I don’t really shop in Morrisons, although it used to be my account at my last job, so I was in there all the time for work. Really interesting to see whether this new lower priced strategy will work better for them.

    We do love the cafe though – great meals at really good prices.

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