Most popular sofa types for every home

To choose the right sofa for your home, it’s essential to become more aware of different types of sofas, what functions they’re the best fit for and what do they look like. Additionally, you have to consider the space you have and what model will suit that space best.


If you’re after a minimalist sofa with clean lines, simple design and that comes in a variety of materials this sofa is the one for you. It’ll work best in a modern or casual design with its gentle curves, smooth lines and organic forms.

Basic features of a mid-century sofa are:


minimalistic, clutter-free design;

comes in a range of colours and materials;

rectangular cushions;

stands on tapered wooden legs.

This one is an especially good option for those looking for both design and functionality. There are many types of convertible sofas – futons, pull-outs and two/three-seat sleepers. As the name suggests, convertible sofas can be used as a sofa during the day, and at night time it converts into a bed. The conversion mechanism varies based on the type of convertible you choose. 

Basic features of a convertible sofa are:

  • variety of types of conversion mechanisms;
  • available in a spectrum of colours and finishes;
  • 2in1.


Daybeds are a cross between a bed and a sofa to fit a specific set of needs. Especially useful for small spaces where you require a sofa that will double as a bed without needing any extra space. Additionally, an excellent option for guests.

Basic features of a daybed sofa are:

  • Typically contains a backrest with arms on each side – kind of like a baby crate;
  • Usually twin size (seats two, sleeps one);
  • Can come with a trundle that expands, allowing for it to extend out like a convertible sofa.


As the name suggests, a loveseat is a tight sitting for 2 people that don’t mind a bit of thigh brushing and don’t need much personal space. It’s a compact design that seats 2. It’s convenient for a small area that needs to seat multiple people as it usually takes up less space than individual lounge chairs. 

These can usually be purchased in individually or part of a larger sofa set. 

Basic features of a loveseat sofa are:

  • petite size;
  • available in a variety of colours and finishes;
  • can be purchased individually or as part of a larger sofa set. 

Chesterfield sofa

Chesterfield sofa adds a bit of elegance and class to a room hence why they are so popular with homeowners. Usually in leather finish, however, available also in other materials. 

Basic features of a chesterfield sofa are:

  • quilted or tufted backrest;
  • rolled arms usually equal to the height of the back;
  • stands on a set of legs typically wooden.

Sectional sofa

The versatile style of sofa, usually available in a variety of shapes. Best fit for large spaces that require seating lots of people such as a large family living room. Generally available in two main shapes: L-shape and U-shape. 

L-shape models are usually best fit for smaller rooms versus U-shape sofas are usually best for large living rooms for seating a lot of people. 

Basic features of a sectional sofa are:

  • large seating area;
  • two main shapes L-shape and U-shape;
  • available in a range of colours and materials;
  • often sat in the floor and not on a set of legs.

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