Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Part 1

Sunday March 22nd is this years Mother’s Day, and I tend to find this day one that is incredibly easy, or terribly hard to buy for, depending what mood my mom is in. Sometimes it is easy, she see’s something she likes the look of and tells me and I buy it. Job done. Other times we have the just get me anything statement, and then I stumble, as we don’t exactly have the same tastes.

This guide, and the others I have planned for the upcoming week, are an indicator of some of the things you could consider. Hopefully there will be something that mom will like the look of.


Master of Malt’s special Mother’s day gift ideas – Silent Pool Gin Gift Pack

Master’s of Malt are always at the top of the game when it comes to luxurious alcoholic gift ideas, and there beautiful Silent Pool Gin Gift Pack is both exquisite in looks and perfect for those whose tipple of choice is gin.

The set comprises of a bottle of Silent Pool’s brilliant gin with a pair of branded glasses. The gin is one of my faves with notes of violet, elderflower, vanilla and orange amongst others. I add a splash of lemonade (my preferred mixer) and lots of ice and believe it should only be served in the stunning glasses that come with the gin.

Currently there is a £10 off saving on this product at Master’s of Malt, click here to view.

So Bomb Crystal Geode Kit 

I love this idea! The So Bombe Crystal Geode Kit from Canal Toys is an item that could either be used to make your own presents, or could be shared between mom and child in order to create something special together.

The So Bomb Crystal Geode Kit includes two moulds, a fabulous choice of coloured powders and everything you need to design a fizzy delight! Simply mix the coloured powder together with water, put it inside the mould and then wait. Don’t forget to add in a hidden surprise before it sets though! These will delight your special Valentine! Then, once you’re ready, drop your brilliant bath bomb into the water and watch the colour explosion and make bath time even more special.

I think this is a delightful and affordable gift idea for creative moms and kids. RRP £9.99 and available from Smyths Toys.

Luxury Skincare From Payot

Beautiful and luxurious skincare and toiletries are always a a lovely treat for Mother’s Day, and the latest release from Payot is a brilliant gift idea that also has a major saving, as the set would be so much more expensive if the products were bought separately.

The new gift set is especially for Mother’s Day and incorporates three of their bestselling lines to protect & rehydrate tired skin making them perfect products for busy Mums. The set comprises of Blue Techni Liss Jour (50ml), Hydra 24+ Baume-en-Masque (15ml) and Hydra 24+ Essence (125ml).

You can find a wide range of Payot beauty products at Beauty Things.


Fragrance expert Jonny Webber, from leading online perfume retailer, shared his specially selected perfume suggestions to suit every type of mum this Mother’s Day. I was interested to hear what my perfume said about me and my personality. I opted for Tom Ford Noir, as I love the slight vanilla tinge to this scent that I always think is heady and opulent, particularly as it is an eau de parfum rather than a lighter eau de toilette.

So how did Jonny Webber define Tom Ford Noir? He said it was a instagrammable perfume for mums who love the ‘gram’.

Insta mums aren’t camera shy and neither should their perfume be! Whether you go for an instantly recognisable cult classic or an eye-catching design, add an extra sparkle to that Insta-ready dressing table this Mother’s Day – no filter required.

You can find Tom Ford Noir here with bottle size starting from 30ml.

The Little Book of Dior From Welbeck Publishing

If your mom is also a fashionista, then The Little Book of Dior is the perfect, pocket sized present. It is packed full with information and anecdotes about the great designer, and also a host of colour and black and white photographs. The book itself looks so stylish, with its pale pink and black cover, a really elegant present.

The Little Book of Dior is available from most good book shops and Amazon.

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