Need help with decluttering pre-Christmas? Then step this way

Many people talk about a spring clean, but I think Autumn is the perfect time to have a declutter. Think about it, you want the house to look spick and span before you start to think about Christmas, the tree, the decorations and all the other trimmings, especially as you may be entertaining more visitors than usual (and I’m not just talking about the one with the red suit.) Plus, with the expectation of new clothes, or all those toys to put away, you may well need to think about either having a huge sort out to make some extra space in your home.

Before you get on to the sorting, you first of all need to get rid of as much rubbish as you can. You may find you have a lot more stuff that needs removing so you might need to find a dumpster rental company near you to take it away, or, at the very least hire a skip.

If you are having a bit of a dilemma about where to put all that stuff, I have a few solutions that may just help you to sort and tidy.

1. Donate to a Charity

Anyone who read my #Charityshopchallenge post knows that I am a big fan of Charity shops, both for buying from, and for donating. With Salvation Army running their charity shop challenge, and many other notable causes asking for donations in the run up to Christmas, this is a great way to clear out some of the clutter, and do a good deed too.


2. Small storage solutions

If your space is really at a premium, then you may need to look at making use of areas that can be better organised. Under bed storage is great for toys, and by organising them neatly, it may even create more space. Plastic tubs can also be stacked neatly for Lego, building bricks and Playmobil toys. The Plastic Box Shop has lots of these smaller storage solutions for you to match to your needs.


3. Built in solutions

If you have a little more space, then Ikea may be your best port of call. Under stairs storage ideas, and built in wardrobes with different sorts of integrated storage are great if you have both space, and a little extra budget to play with. I love that you can add trays for jewellery, and cage drawers that are perfect for knitwear, to your wardrobes and units.  Argos also has some good ideas for under stairs storage units, including the one pictured below.



4. Add a mezzanine.

This is a solution we have been looking into, as it works really well in Victorian houses with high ceilings. A mezzanine adds an extra layer of flooring within a room, whether it be a bedroom, attic or even a split layer living room. This is often a solution used in industrial spaces, with Warehouse Storage Solutions providing some great examples, but this is a fabulous architectural idea that can be pretty much applied to any space, and can look totally amazing too.


How will you be decluttering and freeing up that precious space this year?


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  1. I’m normally pretty good at de-cluttering, but I know I’ll be spending the time between Christmas and New Year, reorganising and de-cluttering again x

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