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Neon Signs From Neon 87

Neon 87 is a company that creates beautiful, innovative neon signage that is perfect for both homes and business. Hosting a range of signs that cover everything from words and slogans to light up images, their signs can be designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and can be custom designed to your own requirements, or made from a range that they have already put together, and can also come in a wide range of colours. Each sign is made in their Devon factory, totally suiting those who like to shop UK, and they are truly fabulous, looking great in any room in the house.

The neon signs really do work everywhere, from looking good in a hallway in the place of a more traditional piece of artwork or a mirror. They can work in a kitchen if you are looking for an American diner style look, or maybe above a home bar area. But where I really think these work so well is as a feature in a teenagers bedroom, where they look the epitome of cool and suit the idea that a teenagers bedroom is like a self contained flat, full of their technology and gadgets.

I got the ‘Chill’ sign for my 13 year old sons bedroom, and put this above his bed. The sign comes with everything you need to mount it and make it work including a wall mounting kit with stand-off mounts and a 2 meter clear power cable coming from bottom right of the sign that is brilliant as it doesn’t spoil the look of the design.

The signs are made to order, so may take between 2-3 weeks to arrive, but if you are in a rush you can let them know this so they can push it through quicker. The Chill sign had a choice of eleven colours that spanned from natural white to more striking shades of hot pink and electric blue (the shade we went for). My lad seems to keep his bedroom blind pulled down even on the brightest, warmest days due to gaming, so these are just brilliant for offering a cool looking light for their space. They even look stylish when they are turned off!

If you are looking for a wonderful, unusual gift to give a teenager for their room, or a young couple as a house warming gift, then these are a brilliant idea. They are just lovely in terms of quality as you’d expect from something that has been made to order, and look brilliant – a really striking addition to any room. You can even order the light with a dimmer, either a manual version, or a remote control if you so wish, in order to create an ambience.


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