New Colourful Wedding Trends For 2019


Brides getting married in 2019 get to experience the newest colorful trends in bridal gowns and accessories. Shades of white are no longer expected, and couples can showcase their flair and personality on their big day. Nowadays, destination weddings are also super trendy so world-wide vendors, such as hotels, restaurants, even hostels, beach pubs, working hubs, remote spaces or bars and private beaches, are making awesome deals to let you know that their location would be “the best possible” for you! Everything is about you and perfect color palette.

Here are some of the newest colorful wedding trends for 2019!

Unicorn Inspired Dresses

2018 could be called the year of the unicorn, as more people showcased their love of these colorful, mythical creatures in decor schemes and accessories. Now, that trend is carrying over into wedding gowns, with gorgeous pastels, flower applique, and light, airy fabrics.

Brides who prefer the traditional white gown are dressing their bridesmaids in unicorn-inspired apparel, which have become so popular that they’re even incorporating these tones into maternity bridesmaid dresses from Azazie. Seafoam green, pastel pink, and magical mauves are making a strong comeback!

Simple Dresses with Bright Accessories


Bridal fashion is no longer all about the dress. Those that prefer a traditional white gown are keeping things streamlined and simple, leaving behind the elaborate mermaid gowns that dominated the last decade. Instead, the focus is being shifted to over-the-top accessories, such as eye-catching fascinators and chunky collar-style necklaces.

Much of this shift to simplicity comes from the minimalist approach to weddings, with more couples focusing on growing their wedding honeymoon registry rather than focusing on making back what they spend on the event. In this case, functionality has translated into fashion, and this trend will dominate in 2019.


Metallics are making a comeback in the world of fashion, this time venturing onto the bridal attire runway. Keeping with the trend of simpler wedding gowns, free from embellishments, brides are opting for an entirely metallic dress in various shades of gold and silver. Others are going for an overall shimmery look by opting for a white dress with subtle white metallic elements.

These dresses are particularly dazzling in outdoor weddings on a sunny day and add an unforgettable romantic vibe as they sparkle in candlelight at dinner. More colorful metallic options have yet to hit the runway, but it’s expected that various tones of pale blues and blush will become a trend by the end of the year.

Colourful Confetti and Smoke Bombs

Apart from bridal fashion, decor is still trending toward a more minimalist, subtle approach. However, brides and grooms are creating colourful memories to signal the end of their ceremony. One notable trend is colourful smoke bombs at outdoor ceremonies. These devices release a puff of colour that can be coordinated with the decor.

For those couples looking for a lighthearted, fun approach, colourful confetti is a great option for guests to celebrate the union of the happy couple. Multi-coloured tissue paper is a popular choice, as it breaks down easily without causing harm to surrounding wildlife.

Adding elements of colour allows couples to make the day their own and results in some incredible photo opportunities, creating a beautiful start to the rest of their lives.

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