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New Fashion Books From Welbeck Publishing

Whether you love fashion books because you use them as a reference and resource, or whether you just like them to look super stylish on your coffee table, Welbeck Publishing is always a port of call. Their range of fashion and style books not only look amazing, but are also interesting and informative, the complete package.

If you have a fashionista in your family, then a beautiful fashion book could be the perfect gift idea. Here are two of the best.

The Little Book of Christian Louboutin by Dara Jane Ogilvy

Another addition to the Little Book fashion series that already includes Dior and Chanel, The Little Book of Christian Louboutin is the story of the legendary shoe designer. The book is gorgeous, chocked full of photographs of some of his most iconic designs, all with the red soles of course, and also of the celebrities who wear them, on the red carpet and beyond.

The book is beautifully laid out, with each chapter separated with a red double page resonant of those famous red soles. There is a chapter just dedicated to those red soles, along with one all about the honours and awards the shoes have been rewarded. Each chapter has lots of full colour photographs which illustrate just how brilliant, and sometimes bonkers, his designs are.

Chanel Paperscapes by Emma Baxter Wright

The life and work of the most iconic designer of all time has been turned into Chanel Paperscapes, a stunning book that can actually be turned into a work of art by pressing out the illustrations from the pages.

Everything is there, from her infamous bobbed haircut, to the logo, Channel No 5 and the make up. The 2.55 bag has its own page, as do the two tone shoes, and there are pages for famous Chanel fans like Marlene Dietrich, Jackie Kennedy and Elizabeth Taylor.

This book is absolutely made to be out on display, it is just so beautiful, made to be looked through over and over again, or left open to display those magical pages.

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