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New Men’s Jewellery Trends With Helloice

As we move towards the end of February, we can finally start to look forward to Spring. Spring brings with it new trends and styles that help us all to refresh our wardrobes, and, as we start to think more carefully about buying more clothing, jewellery becomes a great way to update our look, without adding to the ever more growing pile of clothing that currently fills landfill.

Helloice is always a great destination when it comes to looking at the latest styles in men’s jewellery. It is both fashion forward, and yet classic in its offering, and has styles that range from the outrageous and ostentatious, hip hop looks, to the more subtle styles that are worn by the likes of David Beckham and Austin Butler.

Here are some of the styles that are going to be big in men’s jewellery trends this Spring season.

iced out watches

Most men enjoy wearing a watch, and have at least one watch in their jewellery collection, but this season the trend is for iced out watches that really bring the bling. Whereas a watch has often been the most boring part of your jewellery collection, iced out watches are a focal point, a real statement piece, that will get people asking, ‘just where did you get that from?’

Think blingy gem set straps, bright coloured dials and oversized faces  with Roman numerals that will look particularly striking if you are wearing a short sleeved shirt or t-shirt. These are the sort of watches that look particularly stylish when teamed with an all black outfit.


Men’s chains have two distinct styles this season. There are the short, tennis style, gem set chains that are perfect for those who like the look of R&B stars like Usher and Drake, these look brilliant worn over a plain black t-shirt or roll neck and teamed with a blazer. These are smart and stylish, and actually elevate a plain look to something more urbane and elegant.

The second style of chain for 2024 is a double chain look that has a far more boho feel and is great for those who like to wear their jewellery layered. This is more in the Harry Styles genre, particularly when he is channelling the late, 1960’s look of Mick Jagger. This hippy style suits a more gender fluid look, with open shirts and pastel colours, making it perfect for Spring and Summer.

Chain pendents

If you want to elevate your chain further, you can add a pendent. Chain pendents can come in many guises, and are always a popular choice when it comes to buying a gift for a male jewellery wearer. Traditional designs are always a popular choice when it comes to men’s pendents, with a traditional cross or crucifix, a St Christopher, or an initial all being evergreen favourites. Full names are also a popular choice this spring.


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