New Year New Hair

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One of the best ways of changing your image for the new year is with a new hairstyle. This could be through loping off those long locks for something shorter and sassier, or growing out a short or bobbed style and opting for something longer and softer for a complete change of image. If you are a bit of a chameleon when it comes to your hair, you could try out a range of wigs in different colours, or add hair extensions to make every day a new hair day.

Going Shorter.

For many a Hollywood starlet and model, going shorter has been the launchpad for a successful career. Mia Farrow and Jean Seberg were two blonde stars who saw their careers go stratospheric after they chopped off their blonde girly locks and opted for pixie cuts that made them look ultra modern and fashion forward. More recently, model Amber Valletta showed that elfin styles still work very well in fashion, whilst Kate Moss has been the queen of reinvention when it comes to hair length.

Wigs – Every Day Be A Little Different

Rihanna and Nikki Minaj have shown that wigs can offer variety, fun and glamour when it comes to your hair. If you opt for lace front wigs these can also look very authentic and natural. Companies like Divatress offer thousands of wigs and hair care products that allow you to change your look as often as you wish, making you a total style chameleon and trendsetter, or just offering you the option to change your hair to match your look.

Go Longer

In the same way that going drastically shorter can completely change your look and image, growing your hair, or adding long extensions, can give you a new look that can give you the pick me up that you need. Twiggy was famed for her short crop, but then grew her hair much longer as the seventies progressed, and pretty much kept that look ever after, a real departure for the look that had established her image so well. More recently, Carey Mulligan made her look more grown up by growing her hair longer. This coiffure is prevalent, to this day, as a famous Hair design in San Bernardino.

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