NEWLIFE and SCHUH – Putting their best foot forward.

Question – How many pairs of shoes do you own. If you’re like the average women in the UK, chances are you will own between 40-60 pairs of shoes. If, like Fashion-Mommy, you’re not exactly average, the chances are you will own even more than that, possibly even moving towards a three figure amount.

Women are passionate about shoes, but we own a great many pairs that we never actually wear. There are the impulse buys, the ones that are wrong size, those that hurt our feet too much to be worn for long, the wrong colour, those we bought for a wedding and have worn just once.

Well, if you live in Sunderland you now you have the chance to put those unwanted shoes to good use, whilst earning yourself a nice voucher to help you buy…what else…more new shoes.  Fabulous shoe retailer Schuh, famed for their cutting edge designs and branded names, are launching an exclusive recycling scheme especially for shoes, with all proceeds going to the disabled children’s charity NEWLIFE.

How does this work?

It’s quite simple really. You take your old, unloved and unwanted shoes to the Sunderland branch Of Schuh, located within The Bridges. You will then be given a £10 Schuh voucher which you spend on more shoes!  This scheme will be taking place throughout October in Sunderland, and, if successful, may then be introduced in other Schuh stores across the country. This will help purchase essential and potentially life saving equipment for disabled children through the NEWLIFE Foundation.

Chris Roddie, store manager of Sunderland Schuh, says: “The team are really excited that the initiative is being trailed here in Sunderland and we can’t wait to get involved, make it a success, and help Newlife Foundation get into full swing across the network of Uk Schuh stores.”

Sarah King, marketing manager of the Bridges, adds: “This is a real coup for the Sunderland Schuh store and an excellent opportunity for shoppers to get involved and do their bit for charity while bolstering their love of shoes at the same time.”

NEWLIFE currently needs to raise £283,318 in order to help 123 children needing essential equipment. So, sort that shoe closet and get down to the Sunderland Schuh store this October.

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