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NEWLIFE raises the glamour stakes.

Have you sorted your Christmas party wardrobe yet? If the answer is no, then a trip to the NEWLIFE superstore should definitely be on your agenda.

Newlife have just launched their seasonal party wear, which includes a stunning array of fabulous frocks to suit all special occasions. The Christmas party season is almost upon us, but with the credit crunch make our purses decidedly lighter, it would be easy to resort to last season’s outfits. But Christmas is the biggest opportunity to dress up in the year, and who really wants to wear an old dress? That’s why NEWLIFE is worth a visit. You can choose from a vast array of sumptuous frocks, all from top High Street stores, but at a fraction of the High Street cost. In addition, your money will be going to a worthwhile children’s charity, hopefully improving someone elses quality of life this Christmas.

When the dresses arrived last week, the excitement was further compounded by an impromptu fashion show held within the store. New life staff members turned models for the day, and were joined by two customers, Chris Reaney and Joanne Hayward, who had merely turned up that day to do some shopping, little suspecting they were going to be hitting the catwalk! The dresses, and models, received a resounding thumbs up from Newlife’s approving customers.

New life CEO Sheila Brown said “Our successful corporate recycling operation here in Cannock brings deliveries every day of goods that companies donate for recycling. Most are perfect – so it’s good news all round. With the current economic climate, everyone is looking for a bargain and Newlife helps people to do brilliantly on a budget. Xmas and the party season can go ahead despite the squeeze on peoples’ purses.”

For more info please visit the Newlife website


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