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Next – Customise your denim

 The word ‘customise’ fills me with dread,

     I’m not that handy with a needle and thread…..

I love fashion, every single element of it, but my own skills with a needle and thread are amateur, scrap that, infantile to say the least.  So when Next approached me to see if I would like to take part in a special customisation challenge I was both excited and terrified, especially as the competition was being judged by someone who really does have a talent for customising and personalising clothing, Kirsty from Fashion For Lunch.  But a challenge is a challenge, so I decided to have a go…be kind to me.

The challenge was just customise a rather gorgeous denim shirt from the current collection.

Blue/Black Denim Shirt £22 click to visit Next
Blue/Black Denim Shirt £22 click to visit Next

The shirt is lovely, with sleeves that can be rolled up or down, a blue/black denim finish, and a soft denim feel. I decided that I would customise the shirt influenced by my ultimate style icon – Carrie Bradshaw, and this means oversized corsages, pearls and a bit of vintage bling. I also found an incredible 1940s image of Hedi Lamarr that also served as inspiration.

The inspiration





I figured that I could pick up corsages from my own collection and charity shops, and that pearls and antique brooches would also be easy to find. The customisation itself should be easy as the items could be pinned or tacked on. I basically hoped it could be charming even thought it would be amateurish.

The finished result

Acres of corsages
Vintage bling
Vintage bling
Pearls - definitely a Carrie thing
Pearls – definitely a Carrie thing
Double denim...
Double denim…


Wearing it tied at the waist over a dress
Wearing it tied at the waist over a dress

I had a lot of fun with this project, but not enough to go running out to buy a sewing machine.  What I love is that because I just tacked the things on, I can remove them easily to go back to that rather cool Next shirt…

*With thanks to Next for sending the shirt, and telling me I was one of their Top 10 Engaged Bloggers – WOW!

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