Oliver Bonas – Perfect Summer Accessories

One of my favourite High Street stores, Oliver Bonas, has absolutely knocked it out the park this Summer when it comes to accessories. Beautiful bags, cross body, straw and raffia, and the perfect tote, are all so perfect for Summer, whilst there are some distinctive, wildlife based pieces that certainly make a statement. Pretty Summer hats that will take you from the airport to your holiday are both stylish and practical, and come in a range of colours that go from natural to raspberry pink. These are accessories that will lift every single outfit, and are timeless enough to last you for years.

If your wardrobe tends towards the cool and neutral when it comes to colour and patterns, then your accessories are a great way to make that statement. If, on the other hand, you love bright colours, animal prints and patterns, then adding accessories can help you achieve some clashing magic.

Adding new accessories can extend the life of some of your favourite wardrobe pieces, and it is an easy way to update your look. Oliver Bonas always excels when it comes to accessories as they offer something a little different from regular High Street fare , and also of a wonderful quality.

I have so many key picks when it comes to this season’s ranges. I love the pink gingham scarf as gingham is probably my personal favourite print – it always looks so fresh and pretty. The ‘Hello’ tote is lightweight and practical, and would make a great holiday bag.

Tiger prints are also very popular and absolutely gorgeous. The bright, vibrant scarf above may* just have come home with me…

If you have decided not to update your actual wardrobe this Summer, then maybe you could treat yourself to a real standout accessory. Oliver Bonas should definitely be added to your list of shopping destinations if this is the case.




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