Once Upon A Time With Birmingham With Buckt UK

It has been billed as ‘Immersive, Pop-Up and Something A Little Different’, it has taken a disused restaurant space in the heart of Birmingham and turned it into a a festive pop-up with over 88,000 fairy-lights that make it unique, ethereal and beautiful. It is the Bompas & Parr’s festive tea parlour and party bar and event space ‘Once Upon a Time in Birmingham’, and yesterday, thanks to my December Buckt UK subsciption, I journeyed to the centre of the fairy lights!

Buckt offer a couple’s activity box that offers between 3 and 5 activities each month in the Birmingham and Manchester areas. You subscribe to Buckt box, choose the activities you want to take part in, and then have 2 months to enjoy them (although you must book them in the first month.) A subscription is £25 per couple, but you can get 50% off your first box with the code FASHIONMOMMY. The activities are fun and varied and often give you the opportunity to try, and discover something new.

‘Once Upon a Time in Birmingham’ needs to be seen to be believed. If you love the sparkle and shine of Christmas, the opportunity to enjoy gorgeous cocktails, or a very unusual afternoon tea, or you just want to make the most to dress up in your sparkliest outfit in the middle of the day, then this is the place for you. It is absolutely gorgeous, with all those twinkling party lights just giving the place an almost other worldly feel.

You don’t need to book, but there are only a few days left before this most festive of pop ups disappears, so I would suggest booking, especially at the weekend as it gets very busy. You can make a booking here for £5 per person, which includes either an alcoholic, or non alcoholic festive punch as part of the price. You could also book in for an afternoon tea, which promises a Light Refracting Christmas Pudding (no, me neither, but it does sound so good.)

Once Upon a Time in Birmingham leaves town on December 23rd, so make sure you have a look now, before they pack the lights up forever.


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