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How do you spend your time when you want to relax and wind down? Do you watch your favourite television programme, or do you like to read your favourite book? Are you a fan of Netflix, or is it a long soak in the bath surrounded by candles? Or do you prefer to challenge yourself by playing some online games? If the answer to the last question is yes, then you really need to step this way for something very special. offers a whole range of online games that are free to use and enjoy. The primary focus is, as you might guess, on Solitaire games, with links to around a dozen free Solitaire games on their website, but there are also other games to try to, including one which I am currently addicted to.

Online free games are brilliant to try for a number of reasons. They may just offer fun entertainment, or a way to pass the time. But games like Solitaire are also a way of keeping your brain active in a way that brain training games used to be used. It helps you to look at, and follow patterns, to look for solutions, to try and beat your previous scores, to challenge yourself to do better. Solitaire is perfect for any age, and works if you only have a few minutes to fill, or a few hours.

The Solitaire game on is simply set out and easy to use. You can challenge yourself by either dealing three cards or a single card at a time. Your score is displayed in the right hand corner, and your time is also there so you can add a further challenge if you do complete, to do it again but quicker. I like that you can read all the rules and origins below the game if you are interested in finding out more.

I love Solitaire as a form of brain training, and often play if I’m feeling a bit sluggish or need to focus better.

Letter Scramble

Another game I have discovered through the Solitaire website is Letter Scramble. This is a word game that takes it cues from Scrabble. Random letters appear on the screen and you grab them to create words, have an initial target of 20 within a given time frame. The letters must be three letters or more, and you get points for each word.

There are three levels, getting progressively harder as more and more letters appear quicker and quicker. You can use any word, but the more letters you use, the more you can get rid of, making it easier to see which letters you have left.

If you fail at a level, you can try again and again until you finally complete the level. At the end of the game you have a total score which you can submit, or you can try again to try to improve on your score. Be warned, this game is totally addictive, great fun, and obviously education too. is well worth a look if you love retro style games that both entertain and challenge.

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