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Open Goaaal! is a great gift this Christmas

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a football mad child, it is my duty to point you in the direction of Open Goaaal! Every budding Lionel Messi or Stephanie Roche needs a goal that they can practice their shooting and penalties in, and Open Goaaal! has the added advantage of being parent proof, garden proof and neighbour friendly too. Intrigued yet? Then step this way.

The brains behind Open Goaaal! say this about their great creation  “Open Goaaal! is a brand new invention.  After years of kids kicking the ball over the fence, ruining the plants and smashing windows, we decided that there must be a better way.” They researched parent’s thoughts and discovered the frustration, embarrassment and  stress caused when kids play football in the back garden, and the ball keeps going over into the neighbour.s garden. Let’s face it, small kids have a terrible aim in  general, and ‘can I have my ball back please’ gets a little tedious, even for the most patient of neighbours.


Open Goaaal! – Standard size
£139.00 now £99.00 click to visit Open Goaaal!

I once tweeted that it would be easier for me to stand in my neighbour’s garden when playing football with Joe as the ball spends so much time over there, but Open Goaaal! is a neat concept that totally stops this. It consists of a regular sized goal net, that is suspended by bungee ropes to a pair of large poles. But the net is also backed by a wider net that stops the ball disappearing when it is shot high and wide. The additional outer net cushions shots and therefore adds to the fun.

The net is huge, but closes to virtually nothing in the same way a curtain closes when it is not in use. Gardeners needn’t worry either, as the pegs are inserted below the surface of the grass so lawns can still be mowed.  This is a fantastic product that comes in two sizes to suit your garden space, and is also currently available at a promotional price.

I love the fact that this is a present that will be fantastic all year-long, and will last for years – something much more substantial than a ‘this years must have’ flash in the pain present.

To visit the Open Goaaal! site and to find out more about measurements and dimensions, click here.

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