Opening A Depop Shop? 5 Tips To Ensure Your Customers Are Happy

Depop is an online store where more than 15 million registered users sell clothes and other items. Depop was originally set up as clothes buying and selling platform, but it has expanded to sell other things. This article is meant for you if you are looking for important tricks and tips to run a successful Depop shop.

The following are essential tips to ensure your customers are happy to get you more sales.

  1. List Items Often

You can schedule listings in advance or make an effort to take photos when you receive a new consignment. This will encourage repeat customers and allow shoppers to know when there’s something new. When shipping your items from the manufacturer to you, use a Gaylord box to guarantee that they do not get damaged on the way. 

Regular posting also helps create a demand for your items. You don’t have to upload all the photos at once; you can list once or twice a day to push fresh content and keep your account active in people’s feeds. Depop has a draft feature that lets you prepare your listing before publishing the items on your account. You can wait to upload at a particular time when your target audience is available to ensure that the items are visible every day. 

  1. Take Quality Photos

Modelling and uploading quality photos comes top of the list of things to attract customers to your Depop shop. You can opt for model shots, close-ups, or flat lays. Alternatively, you can hire a professional photographer to ensure you get excellent pictures as they would be more powerful. A Depop store with beautiful images attracts more customers and can even increase your sales by 10%.

Depop shoppers prefer model shots to give an idea of how the outfit fits. Ensure that the photos you upload are for items you own and not from photos lifted from the internet. If you do this, you will violate the Depop policy. Also, original photos build trust with your customers.

Before uploading the photos, edit the background to avoid distracting buyers with what is behind the item. Suppose the item you are selling is expensive; upload proof of postage for authenticity. Customers will have confidence in your items when you upload the certifications.

  1. Prompt Responses to Customer Queries

It is good to promptly respond to your customers through direct messages or in the comments section. If you cannot reply immediately, make an effort to reply within the day. You should have all necessary information in a handy note, such as garment labels, measurements, available colours and sizes, and other relevant information usually asked by buyers. If people like your items and do not buy them, you may need to incentivize them.

Replying to messages quickly and being able to refresh your pages and items promptly can also help you make more sales. It may be worth getting a tool like a depop bot in order to ensure that you can save time and ensure sales and customer satisfaction by automatising your sales.

It would help to send direct messages offering discounts on combined or bundle purchases. Free shipping would also be appealing to customers, provide this service for bundle purchases to make them buy more. Leave your notifications on when you have an active listing to enable you to handle messages and comments quickly. This will keep your customers informed and help you sell more quickly.

  1. Be Open to Deals

Sellers want to earn as much as they can from their sales. The same applies to buyers who want a good deal when buying products. A prospective buyer might enquire if you are open to negotiation or request for a discount or a little off on bundled items. When selling on Depop, be reasonable and fair when giving offers. If you feel that the buyer’s request is unreasonable, explain why the offer is impractical. Before you make a deal, consider the effort and time taken to model, wash, and other expenses involving the item.

If you engage more with your customers in the Depop shop, include the “make me offers” button to enable your buyers to make offers. If not, highlight on your active listing or bio that the shop does not accept negotiations and that the prices indicated are fixed. If likes exceed sales on your listings, reconsider your pricing as it may be beyond the reach of most people.

  1. Use Applicable Hashtags

Using applicable hashtags is essential in helping buyers quickly find an item. Hashtags or tags are sets of words used by users to find a particular item. The notable difference is that hashtags use “#” before the words, while tags use common terms to define an item. For example, someone wants a dinner dress. She will input in the search box a term like a dinner dress or #dinnerdress. Although you have not included hashtags on your active listings, users can still see your items in the search results if you use applicable terms when describing your items.

For your item to be on top of the search box when users search with related keywords, you should maximize tags and hashtag usage. But, be careful not to spam or clutter it with irrelevant hashtags. Use Google to get an idea of common hashtags used by buyers and include them in your description box to increase your chances of appearing on more searches.

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