Opening Your Own Business: A Cafe

For many people, a dream of owning your own company is just that, a dream. But there is no reason why 2019 shouldn’t be the year to make that dream come true. Opening your own cafe, coffee shop or tearoom is a popular choice of small business as we start to finally embrace the independents.  But any new business requires planning and research, and there are many factors to consider if you have a chance of making it a success.

Photo by Emre Can from Pexels

A Small Business Plan

First you need a coherent business plan that takes into account premises, equipment,  costings and all aspects of finance. You need to know how much initial outlay you will need, whether you might be eligible for a small business loan, and may need the help of a small business adviser to show you all the help you may be able to get.

As well as a small business adviser, you need to sort your legal requirements, any permits and licenses you may need


Finding the right premises is very important, but even if you find the perfect place, you may need to adapt, modernise and convert it from it’s original use. Safe cold .food storage is absolutely essential for a cafe or restaurant and you may need to consult a company like MTCSS who specialise in cold rooms and cold room doors. This is even more important if your restaurant specialises in meat, fish or poultry and needs to be kept at a set temperature.

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

Think About Hygiene

At the very least you need to have food hygiene certification, whether you are opening a chip shop or hoping for some Michelin stars. Most local colleges offer this sort of training, and all your eventual staff need to make sure that certification is up to date.


You need to get your business out there. Whether this be by networking and promoting, using ads in the local press or using social media, you can’t expect people just to come, you need good word of mouth and excellent opening offers to tempt them. Then your food and service has to do the rest.