Organising Your Home, Office And Life

In our current busy and overcrowded lives, we are often forced to organise ourselves in order to multi task. For Mom’s and dad’s this can be even more difficult, as not only do we have to organise and plan our own lives, but we need to look after the lives and social calendars of our children too. Juggling work, family and leisure can be exhausting – in an average week my child will have after school clubs, football matches and training, as well as spelling tests that have to be revised for, whilst I am trying to manage deadlines, remember important dates and birthdays, and currently cope with hospital and doctors appointments too.

And this is where a little organisation comes in.

With the best will in the world you can’t remember everything, and so need the help of aide memoirs to help keep our organisation in check. Some people rely on their smartphones as a way of keeping dates and events in their mind, with set reminders, but for someone like me, who forgets to charge the phone, or leaves it at home when I swap bags, I prefer things that are much more visible.

A diary

An actual physical book, rather than an online diary or phone planner. I like to actually write down my important dates in a diary. A diary not only keeps all your dates together, but you can look back on it in reference if you ever need to know what you were doing on a certain date. Diaries are great in that they are physical, so you can stick in post it notes that you need to keep, or add notes to them during telephone calls.

A Whiteboard

An eco friendly white board, of the type produced by Sundeala, is a perfect way to note down information about school trips, dental appointments and deadlines. Whiteboards work well in kitchens rather than sticking notes all over the fridge, and in home offices where they are a visual aide to deadlines and important information. Whiteboards are often wipe clean, which means they can be used over and over again, the ultimate in recycling, and they also look smart and modern. Put them in a place that you can instantly see, and hopefully that homework, PE kit and deadline will be in the forefront of your mind.

A Desk Planner

If you are working in an office, or have a home office, then a large desk planner is another visual aide for planning your day/week. Because it is on your desk, you can’t escape seeing it, and once you get into the habit of using it to note down important things to do, it will become a crucial part of your organisation.

A To Do tray

Another desk aide is a file or desk tidy where you put all your to do correspondence and notes. This can work for a home office, but is also useful for placing personal correspondence and family bills, this stops letters and bills being stuffed into drawers where they are instantly forgotten.

How do you organise your life?