Oscars 2024 – Best Dressed.

Of all the red carpet, awards season events, the Oscars is, by far, the most glittering, the most anticipated, and the most watched. This means that some of the best looks you will ever see, will be on the Oscars red carpet, and, it has to be said, some of the worst too.

Last nights ceremony saw, as predicted, Oppenheimer win big, and Barbie, not so much. There were some very strange looks including the usually fabulous Emily Blunt wearing a dress that looked like it had been decorated, Superman style, with a pair of Y fronts. This dress also had what was described as ‘elevated straps’ that made it sort of resemble a carrier bag (Florence Pugh also went for this strange style). Also giving me the shudders was Ariana Grande, who basically resembled an explosion in a Barbie factory in enormous pink froth.

But there were, thankfully, some stunning looks, including both the Barbie ladies looking incredible, with America Ferrera this time opting for the pink, with Margot Robbie in black (some have called this a funeral farewell to all those amazing Barbie looks). Also looking so elegant, were Carey Mulligan, who has had a stellar awards season looks wise, and Anya Taylor Joy, who both opted for old style Hollywood looks which really shows that true style is timeless.

Zendaya, Hailee Steinfeld and Lupita Nyong’o also looked fantastic, as did Lily Gladstone, who many felt should’ve walked away with the best actress award. It went, of course, to Emma Stone, who won her second best actress gong, but wore a rather underwhelming strapless dress.

Hailee Steinfeld in Elie Saab

Anya Taylor Joy in Dior

Zendaya in Armani

Lupita Nyong’o in Armani

Carey Mulligan in Balenciaga

America Ferrera in Versace

Margot Robbie in Versace

Lily Gladstone in Gucci

Eva Longoria in Tamara Ralph

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