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Our Latest Picks For Men’s Sunglasses

There’s a common misconception that men don’t care about style. If you’re on the hunt for the best sunglasses for men, though, you know that this isn’t true. Most men care about style immensely, as they should — the right details can be a make or break matter in your look and overall attractiveness. Finding the right sunglasses is just one of these details. Whether you’re an avid outdoorsman or a bearded hipster, there’s a pair of sunglasses that will suit your style and define your look — all while protecting your eyes from the consequences of UV exposure. Read on to find the best picks for men’s shades.

What Style Sunglasses Are Trending Right Now?

There are so many different styles of polarized sunglasses to choose from, it can be overwhelming. You might notice a few specific styles that repeatedly crop up, though, including the classic wayfarer. Wayfarer sunglasses are immediately recognizable by their rectangular shape and rounded edges. These glasses are the quintessential look for any guy — or gal — who wants to make a statement. The frames are derivative of the styles that dominated the 80s, but polarized lenses make them a modern classic. Polarization does much more than just up the cool factor, though — it provides many benefits to your vision, too.

Perhaps the best benefit of polarized lenses is their ability to minimize glare. Glare happens when light from the sun reflects off of a smooth surface and hits your eyes. Polarized lenses can block horizontally-reflected light waves, preventing them from reaching your eyes. This is ideal if you happen to drive long distances or spend considerable time outdoors on a regular basis. Glare can come from the road or from bodies of water, which makes polarized lenses essential in either of these circumstances. It’s okay if you choose polarized lenses for the coolness rather than the glare reduction, though.

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Sunglasses for Your Lifestyle

Men’s polarized sunglasses are ideal for the aforementioned outdoor activities and driving, but they’re great for athletics, too. The chemical coating that’s applied to these shades can create vision that’s stronger and clearer, which is an incredible asset if you’re playing soccer or basketball outside. Your ability to see the ball more clearly may even win you the game! Choosing the best sunglasses for your lifestyle is essential. Don’t settle for subpar coverage when you can enjoy the protection of polarized lenses and 100% UV protection.

The latter of these features is particularly important. A surprising number of sunglasses only offer partial protection from the sun, which can leave you at risk of the aforementioned issues caused by UV exposure. You need to look for sunglasses that are suited to your lifestyle while offering adequate protection. Whether you plan on biking, kayaking, riding waves, or simply lounging in the sun, it’s imperative that you find the right shades for the occasion. Shop with a trusted online sunglasses retailer to discover the best selection of sunglasses for men and women alike.

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