Outdoor Adventures With Your Dog

A dog is often described as ‘man’s best friend’, and this is definitely true when it comes to Holly, my Bichon Frise. She could also easily be described as my best companion on any sort of adventure, and a true member of the family, as she accompanies us everywhere, from holidays to days out, and obviously anywhere which gives her the opportunity for a walk. But her favourite place for an outdoor adventure is most definitely Barmouth beach.

We spend a lot of time in Barmouth as we have a caravan nearby. Barmouth has a beautiful long expanse of coastline, with a gorgeous sandy beach. The great thing about Barmouth is that it has stretches where dogs are allowed, these are away from the seaside donkeys and trampolines which attract families, and are instead closer to the sand dunes. Here Holly can run free, with her lead removed, and can enjoy chasing a stick, or, her current favourite way to pass the time, digging a hole.

This stretch of beach is full of dogs having the time of their lives, and is far enough removed from the road that they are not likely to run into danger. Holly loves to run down to the shore, but only paddles her feet, although some other, braver dogs do take a dip in the usually freezing water. If you want to walk your dog on the beach, you must ensure the beach allows dogs, or there can be a rather hefty fine (beware, some beaches only allow dogs on them out of season,so read signs carefully). You must also make sure you clean up after them and leave the beach in a condition for others to enjoy.

Exercise is so important to help keep your dog fit and well and with May being National Walking Month it is something you should definitely be indulging in, as it will help keep you fit and healthy too. But exercise alone will not keep your dog healthy, you need a good diet with a good grain free dog food, this will ensure your dog gets all their much needed vitamins and nutrients, and will suite any dog, even those who have food intolerance. If you are unfamiliar with grain free dog food it is food made using a recipe without cereal. That means no wheat, rye, barley, oats, maize, sorghum, millet, triticale or rice. The cereals are replaced with a mix of tasty vegetables. We are more careful about what we feed our children now, but a dog is also part of our family, so giving them the best food possible has to be a good way to keep them fit and healthy. If you have the right mix of exercise and food, regular checks at the vets is the third measure in ensuring your dog is in tiptop condition.

A happy dog is a healthy dog, so make sure you get out and about with your best friend this May, and make the most of your natural environment. I promise you will enjoy every minute.You might want to visit Dog Blog to know more about the health benefits of owning a dog.

This post is in conjunction with James Wellbeloved but all thoughts are my own

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