How To Enjoy A Beautiful Wedding Without Breaking The Bank

Planning a wedding can be fun and exciting, but it can also come with a bit of sticker shock. With the average wedding costing around $36,000, many couples try to find every way possible to reduce costs while still enjoying a beautiful celebration. The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to have a fun and classy wedding. There are great ways to tie the know without going broke.

Select the Right Venue

For most weddings, the venue is the budget maker or breaker. It certainly sets the financial tone for everything else—you can’t start to plan until you have a venue lined up. In most cities, there are long lists of venues available, making it a buyer’s market when it comes to selecting a location. This means that you can negotiate pricing and spend less on the venue. Whether it’s wedding venues in South Jersey or South Dakota there’s a great one within your budget.

Trim the Guest List

The guest list is another area that can sink the budget, so it helps to keep it manageable in order to save on costs. Remember that each guest needs a chair or two, a plate of food, drinks, a slice of cake and a favor. You have to send each one an invitation and a thank you note. The more tables you have the more centerpieces you need. The more people, the more alcohol you need, and so on and so forth. Trimming the guest list allows you to not only save on costs but hassle as well. Consider a smaller or even micro wedding.

Cut Back on Extras

Another way to save on your wedding costs is to cut back on the extras that won’t change the wedding experience drastically, but will make a difference in your budget. This includes things like programs, upgraded invitations, favors, specialty table linens, escort cards, designer blooms, five-tiered wedding cake and specialty carving stations.

Instead of spending money on these extras, opt for a program sign instead of individual printed programs, simple invitations and a simple cake. Replace the expensive wedding cake and go for a simple sheet cake and have a small cake for your display. Dress it up with a fancy cake topper or some floral decorations. Your guests will likely not even notice if you don’t have a specialty cocktail, a roast beef carving station, high-end table linens or a cigar smokeout.

You can also save on your wedding photography by having your photographer shoot only the ceremony and part of the reception instead of the entire day. Booking for a 6-hour day instead of a 10-hour day will save you hundreds of dollars. You can have friends or even local photography students shoot footage of you getting dressed before the ceremony.

Save on Décor and Flowers

Florals can be expensive when it comes to your wedding. Between the bridal bouquet, the bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres, mothers’ corsages, and table centerpieces, you can easily spend an extra $1,000 on flowers alone. This is not to mention fresh rose petals. Skip the boutonniere, the groomsmen won’t miss it. Get a simple bride’s bouquet and arrange for the bridesmaids to carry kissing balls instead. The guest book table doesn’t need a floral arrangement. Instead of expensive floral centerpieces, go for a few candles instead.

Save on Food and Drink

Food and drink are significant parts of a wedding budget. Cutting here will save you thousands. Go for a buffet instead of a plated meal to save on the cost of servers. Consider serving only beer and wine instead of a full bar. Ask for discounts on childrens’ meals and serve a simple menu instead of offering multiple options. Go simple with your cake. Instead of opting for an intricately decorated confection, buy a simple frosted cake and add your accents. Skip the champagne toast and let people toast with whatever is in their glass at the time.

When it comes to enjoying a beautiful wedding without the huge price tag, using a few tips to save on costs will help you avoid breaking the bank.


Reviewed: Last Bank Holiday By Christina Delmonte

I love a good thriller, the sort of book that you can’t put down, racing to turn the pages and get to the end. The sort of book that makes you check your windows and doors are closed at night, sees you looking over your shoulder when you are out alone, and generally gives you a feeling of uneasiness and yet still leaves you wanting to read on. ‘Last Bank Holiday’, the debut novel by writer Christina Delmonte, is just such a book, a claustrophobic tale that twists and turns so much you may start to feel dizzy.

The lead character Karen has a charmed life with her handsome husband Will and two beautiful daughters. They are successful, have a beautiful show home, cars, holidays, designer clothes and jewellery. They seem to have it all. But one Bank Holiday changes all that, when they are brutally robbed and attacked as they spend what should be an idyllic weekend in a forest log cabin. In an instance, their life as they know it is destroyed, all by this seemingly random attack. But is it as random as it seems, or as actions of the past caught up with them?

The writing is taut and paints its pictures well, ensuring that you can see, hear and even smell the scenes, actions and characters vividly as your progress through the tale. Karen is a great lead character, strong even though her life is being torn apart, and your sympathies are always with her, especially as you discover, first through flashbacks, and then in the present, the situation with her mother, who is suffering in the throes of  Alzheimer’s, with increasingly heartbreaking events occurring both before and after the attack. Christina Delmonte based much of this side of the tale on her own mother, and that is why it resonates so much, feeling so devastatingly real.

The format of the story, being told from different viewpoints, and in the past and present, could be jarring. Instead it keeps the story flowing and also helps the twists and turns to occur throughout the story, rather than at the end. That said, the final reveal is still shocking, and adds a real poignancy to the story.

Last Bank Holiday is a fine debut, one that you should add to your Summer reading list.

Best Makeup Case Review

It has to be said that, these days, cosmetics are big news and big business. Whole blogs and vlogs are dedicated to them, there are also lots of reels and video tutorials that are dedicated to showing hints and tips for applying make up, the best dupes for high branded products, and all sorts of different ways to achieve a celebrity look. Celeb collaborations with brands like Pixi have proved to be ultra popular, whilst Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty and Trinny Woodhall’s brand Trinny London just seem to grow in popularity. Make Up is big business and we all seem to keep buying more and more.

But how best to store your make up, especially when we have accumulated so much that it seems the humble make up bag is no longer enough?

Yaheetech is a store that offers all sorts of products, from pet care and home furnishings, to beauty products that range from the personal to the professional. They offer free shipping on their products and have a motto of ‘smart solutions for modern living’. They say:-

Our mission is simple: make your life comfortable. We want to make beautiful objects for everyday living, whether that’s a must-have piece of kitchen equipment, a clever bedroom storage solution, or a stunning piece of art that ties a living space together.

The Yaheetech rolling makeup case is the perfect product for the make up aficionado, whether you are a beauty professional (make up artist, beautician, hair stylist or manicurist) and are just a person who has a whole lot of make up and wants a solution for where to put it all. It is a stylish, vintage looking case that comes in three gorgeous colours – classic black, girlie pink or futuristic silver.

The case is on wheels, which makes it really versatile and easy to move if you are using it for work purposes and need to transport the case from place to place. The case has three compartments, with the top case also being removeable from the main body, so you can carry this with a shoulder strap as a mini case (perfect for use for holidays or a weekend away.)

The compartments are roomy, offering so much space for all your beauty essentials including hair brushes and lotions and potions as well as your general make up. The compartments can be changed due to the removeable dividers, so you can create the space that best fits your needs when it comes to storage. Larger compartments at the bottom are perfect for things like hairdryers and curling tongs, or if you want to put a full make up bag into the case.

This case trolley is constructed of top-grade plastic outer case, aluminum and metal reinforced edges and corners, and heavy duty metal hardware. This makes it hard wearing and sturdy, something you need if you are going to be moving it about. Soft oxford cloth lining protects the items from damaged during movement. Four lockable clamps on the top and sides to guard your items, four keys are included. This means you could also store valuables in this while you work.

This case is a real beauty find for those who love their make up and want to store it in the best possible way.