Why Choose Gemstones For Your Bridal Look?

If there’s one day when you want every part of your look to be right, it’s your wedding day. The dress is obviously the absolute focal point and the star of the show, but all your other choices, including your accessories, also need to be perfect so that you get the look you are aiming for.

Bridal jewellery has been a big market in recent years. Although many still use their jewellery to fit one of the options of the old saying (i.e. the something old, something borrowed bit), there is now also a trend for a piece of wedding jewellery, including gemstone necklaces to be a gift from the groom to his bride, making it an extra special choice for the wedding day.

When it comes to choosing wedding jewellery, why are gemstones such a good and popular choice?

Gemstone Necklaces

A gemstone necklace is a lovely choice if you have opted for a strapless, or off the shoulder dress. These styles of dresses are evergreen in popularity but they do show off an expanse of bare skin that can make the look seem unfinished. Adding a gorgeous gemstone necklace can add extra sparkle to the bare space, and can complete a look.

If your dress is simple and elegant, it can also be a way of adding a single element of sparkle that lists the look completely. Diamonds are very popular for this effect, but you could opt to pick out the colours of your bridesmaids dresses, or a particular theme you may have – for example, a black and white wedding could be reflected in the unusual choice of a black diamond necklace.

Gemstone Earrings

If your dress is more ornate, or has a higher neckline, you may decide that your sparkle will be from a pair of gemstone earrings. A simple of pair of diamond studs are classically timeless and elegant, but if you have an upswept hairdo, you may want to try a drop style earring that will just shimmer and shine.

Again, you can keep this simple with diamonds, or could add a coloured gemstone that could be used to reflect a colour scheme, or just be there as a surprise pop of colour.

Gemstone Ring

Wedding rings these days no longer need to be simple gold bands, they can reflect your style and personal taste. Gemstone rings offer you the chance to choose something different – my own wedding ring is a band of black and white diamonds and I just love that it is so different.

If you choose to go down a non traditional route for your wedding ring, why not design your own. A jewellers like Abelini offers you a bespoke service where you can bring your dream ring to life in spectacular style, perfect for your most perfect day!

Sweet Treats From Pantry House

One of the things that has been apparent about life in lockdown is how much we have enjoyed our food, and how creative we have become, literally turning into a nation of home cooks and bakers. At one point you couldn’t buy flour for love nor money, and my local Aldi is constantly running out of cupcake cases as people turn to cooking as a way to alleviate boredom and learn a new skill.

In addition to baking, there has definitely been a shift in how we shop, as we have switched to local providers for our wares. It seems that, when we can afford it, we want the best quality possible, the sorts of products that come from small independents stores, farm shops and artisans that are a real treat to both the eyes and taste buds. Pantry House Fine Foods is a place where you can find all these treats, along with special Easter products that would make gorgeous gift ideas for your loved ones.

Pantry House are an online artisan fine food store specialising in sourcing the finest food & drink and delivering it straight to your door. They have an extensive offering, from food cupboard essentials like rice, pasta and seasonings, to more exotic ingredients and an assorted range of premium snacks and bakery goods. There are also gorgeous drinks and cordials like my favourite Fentimans botanical range. The Easter chocolates from the Pantry House range are perfect for all ages, with cute chocolate chicks and daffodils, to Vegan chocolate products, and the most delicious hot chocolate spoons that come with mini eggs – you just need to add hot milk for the most indulgent chocolate drink you will ever taste.

Another product that I absolutely love are the Bottle Baking Co. Muffin Mixes. These are just brilliant for those who would like to have a go at baking, but struggle with measurements – all the dry ingredients come measured out in a bottle – you just need to add eggs and butter or milk.

I love that Pantry House has such high quality products, and that it is constantly looking for new artisans to support and give a platform to. I also love that there is no minimum spend, and that there is free delivery when you spend £50. If you are currently looking for ideas for Mother’s Day and Easter, I would definitely recommend Pantry House for a sweet (or savoury) treat.


Adding Spring Touches To Your Home

After the immense cold and acres of snow that have dominated the last few weeks, this week it has suddenly started to feel like Spring. Temperatures have risen by more than 10 degrees, the sun has come out, and it really feels like a different place. In short, it feels like Spring, and our thoughts turn to how to make our homes brighter and more Spring-like. 

Spring brings a whole host of new styles and trends that are not limited to clothing. Homewares always seem to have a fresh edge in Spring. As people start getting their homes ready for Summer, they tend to think brighter, flashier and elements of florals and colour start to emerge, even in the most neutral of settings. House of Fraser, in particular, has a fabulous homewares range that includes ceramics from Biba, prints and wall art from Linea and a great selection of candles including Hotel Collection and Jo Malone. Also, your local garden centres (which in general are still open at the moment) start to have new Spring lines arrive that should not only look great in situ but also bring a smile to your face.

Show Your Style

If your home is a neutral canvas, then it is easy to add a touch of Spring to it with your choice of accessories. I love pieces that utilise rich Spring colours, with yellows, bright pinks and greens running throughout. You can also add eclectic pieces and sort of mismatch rather than appear too matchy-matchy, with an animal print of Biba (an Art Deco/1930s throwback) contrasted with the rustic vintage charm of a beautiful, traditional Black Forest cuckoo clock, that is not only an investment piece but shows off your quirky side.

Scatter Cushions

I love to scatter different types of cushions of mixed prints for that slightly shabby chic feel. The whole point of the style is that they don’t match, instead giving you a look that is both unusual and unique to you. 

Cushions can be different sizes and shapes, can be a mix of plain and printed designs and should look like they have been put together on your sewing machine, rather than sourced from independent boutiques and department stores. Of course, if you are a dab hand with the sewing machine, you may well have made your own.



The candles are little bits of luxury that add a look and a scent to make a room feel both fresh and homely. The scent means that you can make your home smell Springlike as well as look the part, bringing those fresh floral scents into your home. At the moment, Home Bargains has a brilliant range of candles that are perfect for Spring (I think the range has been introduced for Mother’s Day and have scents like Candied Cherry which are just amazing.)

Add A Quirky Clock

A clock is often used as the centrepiece to a room, and so a beautiful, quirky heritage piece like a cuckoo clock is well worth an investment. These pieces from the Black Forest in Germany are hand-carved, which makes them even more special. They have a real heritage and story behind them that makes a lovely statement piece for your home. 

Although cuckoo clocks have hundreds of years of heritage attached to them, there are also modern designs, like the one below, that use the same craftsmanship with a more up-to-date look. A modern cuckoo clock will work well if your decor is more contemporary.


A Table Lamp

One way of changing the look of a room is by changing the lighting. A table lamp is a must-have to add atmosphere to any room and can reflect the decor in your space, or add a focal point to the room by being a show-stopping piece.

If you would rather have something larger, you could add a free standing style instead.

What finishing touches are you adding to your home this Spring?