Pamela Mann Plus Size Tights:Review And Competition

Tall girls, curvy women, plus size women, we all have one item of clothing that can cause us major problems, so much so that we are often happy to live in trousers and jeans in order to avoid them altogether. I am talking about tights. These may have changed the world in the 1960s and allowed the mini skirt to thrive, but many brands make no allowance for either height or size and have you trying to pull them up all day.

But there may just be a new design of tights that are about to change all this. The ‘Pamela Mann 50 Denier Curvy Super Stretch Tights’ have a deeper body rise, wider thigh fit, re-designed waistband, flat seams and light leg support and are available up to UK dress size 34. Unlike most other plus size tights, these have no back panel; they are knitted to fit the required size and therefore, just have one seam down the middle rather than two uncomfortable seams down your bum cheeks! Previously, this feature has only been found in more expensive brands of hosiery. They also come in a wide range of gorgeous, fun colours that allow your tights to be fun and fashionable too.

Pamela Mann 50 Denier Curvy Super Stretch Tights
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The full range is available from UK Tights and I have been trying out the size XL (16-18) in the leaf green shade. I find them to be the most comfortable tights I have ever worn, stretchy enough so that they actually move when you do, fairly strong – I have worn them on a few occasions and so far there are no pulls or ladders, and I love that the colours are so vibrant and fun.

Competition time

Would you like to try out the Pamela Mann Curvy Super Stretch Tights for yourself? I have one pair to give away in the size and colour of your choice.

This is a flash competition for 10 days only and is for UK entries only.

Good Luck.

Win A Pair of Pamela Mann Curvy Super Stretch Tights



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