Personalised Cotton Tote Bags From Eartton

I strive to friendlier to the planet. I buy a lot of clothes that are preloved, from charity shops, from vintage stores, from Instagram sales and often I just shop my wardrobe. I am an avid at recycling, everything from my old clothes which I send to charity shops, to trying to cut down on plastic consumption by buying local from our farm shop, and I try not to use carrier bags if I really don’t need to, carrying an eco friendly tote with me at all times.

Eartton are also totally on board with the message that eco friendly totes that can be used again and again are a much better option than wasteful carrier bags which are then discarded after a single use. The family run business creates a wonderful range of personalised tote bags that are perfect for school, shopping and general use, coming up with new designs every week.

Eartton bags are made from 100% cotton, they are machine washable at 30 degrees, and the designs are made to last in permanent colour. The designs range from fun to funky, with slogans that are full of positivity, and to this you can add any name, from your own name to your brand name. They make a perfect present for pretty much anyone as they are both practical and pretty and will definitely be used time and time again.

I chose the flamingo design with the slogan ‘Be a Flamingo in a flock of pigeons’. This features a gorgeous patterned flamingo – perfect as it is my favourite animal of all, and I love the slogan about being yourself, and not being frightened of being different and standing out from the crowd. I have been using the tote every day since it arrived, it is durable and is perfect for picking up a bit of shopping, I would also definitely use this as a beach bag when we finally get back to doing a little traveling.

The personalised tote bags cost £9.86 and are especially perfect for those people who struggle to get anything with their name on – I think I will need to get one for my niece Renee next.

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