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It’s almost time to mention the ‘C’ word again, as we near towards the end of Summer and start to think about a new season. If you’re like me, and start your Christmas planning early for whatever reason (mine being my son also has a birthday a week before Christmas, and this year it’s his 13th, so extra special and expensive.) then you’re probably already making lists and checking them twice.

Personalised gifts are always lovely as they show the recipient that you are really thinking about them, and that their gift could be for no other. They can also be a clever present too for someone with an unusual name who can never find anything with their name on.

Printster is a company that specialises in personalised gifts, in particular mugs, socks and face masks. They also do personalised wrapping paper, key rings and cushions, so you can choose a personalised gift that suits your price point. Their range of mugs, in particular, is really strong, with the choice ranging from just names, to mugs with photographs that you can upload, to both print and photo options.

I have been using Printster to create some early Christmas gifts for my family. I love that they have so much choice, and that their products are very affordable, with personalised mugs starting at just £4.99. Both my sister Jodie, and my niece Renee struggle to get products with their names printed on them, so I decided to have mugs printed for them both, with Jodie in print, and Renee accompanying a picture of her with her dog.

My son Joe is football obsessed, supporting West Bromwich Albion, so I decided to have a mug printed for him using an image I took on a recent visit to the ground. I liked the fact that Printster told me the image wasn’t perfect due to the dimensions, and gave me the option to change it before printing. I decided to stick with it anyway and am pretty happy with it, and loved the cool packaging it came in.

Personalised mugs can also be a great way to promote your business and service. I had a mug printed with my fashion-mommy logo, and you could easily add your website details, or other social media details on the back if you were giving the mug out to clients.

Printster is not just about mugs though, check out these amazing socks that I got with a picture of our family dog on. You can send pretty much any picture of your animal (this one showed Holly sitting on my dad’s lap, but Holly was just cut out from the image to be printed onto the socks. I think these are both cute and hilarious, and would make a perfect gift for any animal lover.

Printster has a brilliant turnaround time for your printed products and could certainly help you to send some wonderful personalised gifts this Christmas.

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