Pet-friendly back garden solutions

Summer is the time for BBQs and garden parties and therefore having a lush back garden is a must for good hosts. However, if you have pets investing in artificial grass, you might have some doubts. How do our furry, four-legged friends feel about a fake grass lawn? Are they safe to your barking family members? Worry not, the experts at Fylde Grass have got the answers to all your questions. 

Do pets like fake grass?

It’s soft and pleasant for their paws and mud-free (not sure if this is a benefit for your dog or more so for yourself). This means that no matter what weather your pets can have a play outside without needing a bath straight away – that is definitely a bonus for your four-legged friend! 

Since the product is highly durable in comparison to real grass, rough doggie play will not damage your lawn – no more ugly brown spots from where your dogs have been rolling around. 

Is artificial grass pet safe?

Yes! EU certified artificial grass is pet safe. It’s non-toxic and 100% safe for animals to play on as they please. The lawn holds no scent; therefore, dogs tend not to be as interested in digging up holes in the turf. 

However, you must be careful! Some China produced brands can be toxic to your pets and small children as well, this is due to the low safety standards overseas compared to the EU standards in place. 

Additionally, EU artificial grass might actually be safer for your pets than regular grass as it eliminates tick and fleas nesting in the grass. This overall will reduce the number of ticks and fleas in your environment and therefore add extra protection for your dog too!

Will the doggie going to the toilet on the turf damage it?

So long you maintain sanitary standards and don’t turn your back garden in a regular toilet for your dog, there should be no damage done to your artificial lawn. 

Poop can be easily removed from the fake grass and urine should not damage or discolour the grass either.  The weaving of artificial grass rolls is permeable, meaning no wee puddles on your lawn either! However, if your dog keeps weeing in the same spot over and over again, it is advised to clean the area, give it a thorough rinse and potentially also use a deodoriser. 

On top of that EU produced artificial grass is also coated so that it’s UV resistant and won’t lose its colour over time in direct sunlight. 


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