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Plan The Perfect Hen Night

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life but it is not necessarily the most fun. As a bride you are fraught with nerves, wanting everything to be just perfect and to go off without a hitch, and some brides even say that afterwards, once the day is over, that it all passed in a bit of a blur and that the memories are a little dim. Luckily, your hen night is a way to really let your hair down before the big day, having fun, letting loose and really making some magical memories beforehand.

If you want to make sure your hen night is just wonderful there are some guidelines below to help you to create your perfect experience.


If you want the perfect hen night, then leave nothing to chance. Whether you want a Spa Day, a theatre break, a cocktail making class or something far more adventurous, such as quad biking or a boot camp, you need to make sure you book in advance so that you are not left disappointed by your chosen activity being fully booked. Essential Adventure can organise pretty much any sort of hen party experience, taking the hard work out of your hands.

You need the numbers in your party quite early on, and need to collect any deposits and have a date for outstanding balance so people have enough time to plan and pay.


Once you have decided what you want to do, you then need to choose the where. City hen nights are becoming really popular, with Liverpool hen nights becoming a top choice due to the range of bars, the culture and the great shopping experience. Another popular destination is somewhere on the coast where you can combine all the fun of the seaside with traditional hen night fun. Bournemouth and Blackpool are currently popular choices for both stag nights and hen parties. If you are in Ireland, or want to travel a little further afield for your big night, Carrick on Shannon is considered the stag and hen capital of Ireland , whilst the beautiful capital city Dublin is always popular and can allow you to combine more cultural pursuits and some fine dining, Square Meal IE could help you to plan a private dining experience in Dublin, which could be perfect if you are travelling with a larger group, and want something more refined for your fellow hens. If you are looking for more adventurous outdoor pursuits, Leitrim Adventure can source all your requirements, from accommodation to activities if you choose this destination.


It is key to set a budget at the start of your hen night plans and to let your hens know what sort of cost the night or weekend is going to incur. Think carefully about all the people you want to be there and if the budget is within their reach – afternoon tea at the Ritz is a fabulous experience, but will everyone be able to afford it?

If you really want your nearest and dearest to be there, you may have to scale down some options, or at least give plenty of time to save.


Themes and costumes do divide people, with some thinking they are all party of the fun, and others finding them tacky. This is one area which is really up to the bride, if you want everyone dressed as the Pink Ladies from Grease then go for it, if you prefer something more glam that is also up to you. If you want something more daring and racy, you could hire dancers or strippers,  you can address all your needs at

Whatever you plan for your hen night, make sure you enjoy every single minute.

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