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Planning Out The Perfect Bedroom For Your Teenager

Raising a teenager is intensely rewarding, but not always easy. While there isn’t necessarily a manual for navigating some of the tougher moments, you needn’t struggle on with the things that could have a manual – such as creating the perfect bedroom for your teenager. If you’re stumped for ideas, the following tips can help you and your kid create a space in which they feel truly comfortable.

Incorporate Colour

Your teenager’s room should reflect their personality, and choosing the right colours for their bedroom walls can be a massive help in achieving this. You should involve your teen in every step of this process, including the painting part – it can be a great bonding exercise, while ensuring they get the exact colours they’d like.

You could also give them space to express themselves creatively, whether a dedicated part of the wall for stickers and decals or a blackboard zone for drawing and writing down to-do lists. These can both inject colour into otherwise dingy spaces, and make the bedroom a pleasure to be in. 

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Add Storage

Clutter is, unfortunately, an unavoidable part of living with a teenager. Many of them seem practically allergic to tidying their bedroom – but through renovations, you can ensure they have no excuses to have a little tidy every now and then. 

The most effective way to do this is by adding storage; walk in wardrobes can provide storage for both clothing and accessories, saving you from the indignity of picking through your child’s ‘floordrobe’ to figure out what’s clean or dirty. You could also invest in under-bed storage, so your teen at least has somewhere relatively organised to chuck things if they’re not in the mood for a full de-clutter.

Make It Social

Your teenager’s bedroom is not solely a place for them to sleep in. It practically constitutes their own, separate home – being a space for creative expression and also for social engagement. As such, when you come to rejuvenating their bedroom, you should think about more than just accommodating good sleep. 

You could incorporate different elements that make just hanging out in there much more comfortable, such as adding a fold-out sofa-bed or additional chairs for comfort. Doing this can also lighten the load of any teen sleepovers, as all the kids can be confined to one space rather than stealing your precious living room floor!

Photo by cottonbro: https://www.pexels.com/photo/fashionable-teenagers-in-a-bedroom-10610364/

Room to Study

Of course, your teen’s main priority for much of the year is school – and fun as their bedroom can be made to be, it should also be an environment that’s conducive to effective study. As such, part of their room should be given to a separate study area, distinct from their sleeping space. Combining sleep areas and study areas can have a negative impact on concentration and sleeping patterns, so a dedicated desk area can go a long way to helping their studies. 

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