Plastic Surgery: Is It For You?

The way we look has a huge effect on every aspect of our lives. For most people, we have parts of our body that we dislike intensely and would love to change if we had the opportunity, but most of us live with these ‘faults’ and accept ourselves warts and all. But for some these faults have an effect on mental well-being and can actually hold them back in life. In these cases, the option to change the appearance through plastic surgery is something that has to be considered.

Plastic surgery was once something only looked at by the very rich, or by celebrities. It was considered to be the domain of the very vain, those who just wanted breast enlargements for their careers, or liposuction in place of actually losing weight. But these days it is acknowledged that issues in the way we look can be something that can totally destroy someone’s life, with even famous people not adverse to falling victim to abuse which has made them change their looks, an example being swimmer Rebecca Adlington.

The Rise of Plastic Surgery

Key areas of plastic surgery that have become more prevalent in recent times include rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, breast lifts and implants, liposuction and Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty). There has also been a steep rise in plastic surgery for those who have had children. The body go through many changes after having children. If you have children naturally there are a whole host of hormones that run rampant through your body. A woman’s cycle is thrown off; breasts grow, shrink and sometimes grow again. Skin sags that never used to sag before. There are stretch marks in places you didn’t even know you could get stretch marks.

Receiving plastic surgery after childbirth is no longer uncommon. Many women get breast enhancements or reductions after the hormones have finally found their way out of the blood. Some women get tummy tucks. Many women now feel this is a good time to change those things and help them re-identify themselves.

Things to Consider

When considering plastic surgery you need to look at the entire picture and do your research. You need to consider the recovery time involved, particularly if you work, and the cost – can you afford it, is there a payment plan? Finding the right plastic surgeon, one with a good reputation, is also very important, someone who will explain how the procedure works and which medications may be involved from the very beginning. If you are considering a nose job, you should investigate rhinoplasty before and after and make sure that it is for you. This is your face; you will see it every day so you need to be confident in your decision.

The most important thing is to be happy with your decision, regardless of what it is. Be happy that you opted for surgery. Be happy that you opted out. This is the time to love your body and enjoy the way it looks. Love your scars and stretch marks or laser them away. While this is more costly than a new wardrobe, it definitely will last much longer.


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