Plus Size Beach Styles to Rock This Summer

Are you planning on spending your summer days at the beach? As you fill your wardrobe with your favorite plus size bikinis, make sure you’re prioritizing beach day looks beyond just swimwear that will have you looking stylish and feeling confident all day. 

Studies show that confidence levels dip when women try on swimsuits, which is way before they even hit the beach. However, having a beach day outfit that boosts your self-esteem and makes you feel like a goddess is so important. 

Whether you like to sport your favorite swimsuit as you lay out on the beach or you like to wear chic cover-ups, this summer is all about creating a show-stopping beach look. From luxurious kaftans to playful cutoff shorts, these beach styles will ignite your confidence so that you can have a fun-filled day shoreside! Next time you’re shopping at your favorite plus size boutique, prioritize these styles if you want to have the perfect summer. 

Bare It All 

If you’re the kind of fashionista who lives in swimsuits all summer long—whether you’re at the beach or not—this outfit may be for you. Find a statement plus size one-piece swimsuit that makes you feel sexy, but also provides you with support. One-piece swimsuits are great because they are so versatile and supportive, which means your beach days can consist of laying out, swimming, playing volleyball and anything else that may come your way. Who says you can’t spend all day in your swimsuit? We won’t hold you back! 

The Luxurious Kaftan 

Want to achieve goddess vibes with your beach outfits? Long, flowy kaftans are perfect for the beach because they are lightweight, sometimes see-through—so you can show off your cute bathing suit–and they can easily transform any beach look into an outfit that can take you to dinner, lunch or even out to the bar. 

The Maxi Skirt 

Sporting a sexy two-piece that you feel radiant in? Why not turn it into an outfit? Throw on your favorite maxi skirt and let your bathing suit top shine. Maxi skirts are perfect to wear over swimwear at the beach because they are loose and flowy. And they are even better to throw on after the beach to spice up your look. 


Do you have a flowy maxi or mini dress you feel super confident in? Bring it to the beach. Plus size tie-dye dresses can be a cute cover-up and will make an even cuter outfit for whatever you have planned after the beach. Dresses may be the last thing you think to bring to the beach since you usually end up incredibly sandy and wet after a day shoreside, but looser, flowy dresses are super easy to throw on fresh out of the water or after a beach day. And better yet, you’ll feel put together and cute—even if there is sand everywhere! 

Short Shorts

If you’re stumped on what to wear with your bikini or one-piece, a pair of cutoff shorts are a classic go-to. If you want a more laid-back look, pair the shorts with a loose v-neck T-shirt. If you want to glam up this look a bit, layer a few gold necklaces or throw on some gold hoops. Top off the look with a pair of your favorite sunglasses. If you love to make a statement, top off any bikini with a pair of bright-colored or bold-printed shorts. 


Similarly to shorts, a sarong makes the perfect beach outfit effortless. If you have a cute bikini or one-piece swimsuit you love, show it off with a simple sarong. You will look chic, glamorous and ready for the beach. You can also wear a sarong to whatever you have going on after the beach! 

Oversized Cardigan

When do you prefer to hit the beach? While some love to get a spot in the sand bright and early in the morning, others prefer to listen to the waves crash as the sun sets. As the sun goes down, it may get chilly at the beach, but you can top off your swimwear with an oversized cardigan. You’ll look super cute, cozy and chic. 


Similarly to kaftans, flowy kimonos can turn any beach look into a fashion statement. Choose a lightweight fabric with a pattern that matches your style. Whether you tie it shut for a more reserved look or wear it off the shoulder as you lounge, you will be looking effortlessly chic. Kimonos are so versatile because you can either wear them or just drape them over you to shield you from the sun while you take a break from swimming. It’s almost as if kimonos are an ultra-chic towel. 


It might be hard to think about accessorizing as you plan for your next beach day, but the right beach accessories could elevate your outfit—yes, even if you are just wearing a swimsuit. 

Jewellery–It may seem counterintuitive to wear jewelry at the beach, but a few gold necklaces or gold hoops can seriously elevate your look. Plus, you will also look extremely chic coming out of the water. 

Shoes–If you have plans after the beach, make sure you pack some cute wedges, espadrilles or sandals. 

Sunglasses–Most of us don’t wear makeup to the beach—but if you do…no judgment—which is why sunglasses are a must-have accessory for beach days. You will instantly amplify your beach look with a pair of chic sunglasses from HumpsOptics, and you can also use them to hide the fact that you’re not wearing makeup. 

Hat–Whether it be the wind or the waves, beach hair can get messy! Tame the mane with a chic hat. Oversized, wide-brimmed hats are so in right now. 

No matter what you choose to wear during your next trip to the beach, remember that clothing plays a huge role in how confident you feel! And we think you deserve to feel and look like a bombshell every day—especially at the beach. With these styles, you’ll look hot while having fun in the sun!

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