Plus Size Girls: Tips For Wearing A Short Dress

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While this year’s prom has come and gone, the well-prepared girl is always planning ahead and if you are a plus sizer and want to go short with your look, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we offer a few tips from the pros on how to carry off that short dress look at the prom.

  • Dress Length – Whether above or below the knee, the length of your dress should be one that you’re comfortable with. It might be calf-length that suits you best, or just above the knee. 
  • V-Neck Beats Round Neck – Wearing a V-neck gives you a slightly longer look and there are some stunning designer creations at a designer dress boutique with V-Neck styles. Just how deep you go with your neckline depends entirely on you! The best place to view unique plus size prom dresses is at a designer dress boutique, where you’ll find top designer creations with V-neck at very affordable prices.
  • Accessorise – If you don’t want your legs to be the main focus, you can rely on the clever use of accessories; coloured bangles are a great addition. Google Images is a great tool for searching for accessory ideas, you can spend hour after hour viewing colourful additions to your look. Your jewellery and accessories are essential in order to create a balanced look and if you are unsure, why not ask your hair stylist for some advice of accessories for your special night.
  • Fit And Flare – A fit and flare style accentuates your best features, rather than the traditional A-Line. This creates a sense of proportion and it is a comfortable style, ideal for the prom or sweet 16. Take your time when looking at designer dresses; somewhere, there is the perfect gown, all you have to do is find it.
  • The Right Shoes – Don’t be afraid to throw tradition out the window; high-heels are fine, but it does put a stress on your pins. How about a pair of Greek strap sandals? Or perhaps thick-sole platforms? Make sure you get your shoes a couple of weeks before the main event, as this allows time to wear them in, which isn’t something you want to do on the big occasion. Some girls bring a pair of trainers along, in case the dancing becomes serious, plus of you’re walking around outside at night, high heels are far from ideal.
  • Good Use Of Belt – If you wear a belt that is not tight or loose, this enhances your curves without being too constrictive. Regarding thickness, this should be in proportion to your size; browse the designer dress boutique for a selection of designer dresses and select a suitable belt to wear.
  • Feel Good About Yourself – It doesn’t really matter what others think, as long as you feel good about yourself. None of us are perfect and being yourself should be your focus.

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We hope that the above tips help you to plan the perfect prom look. Plus size girls can also wear short dresses, as we have so eloquently shown.


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