Popular Engagement Ring Styles For Modern Brides


Times are changing. Traditionally, the man would pick out a beautiful solitaire ring and propose, but modern brides want their engagement rings to symbolize who they are, as well as be an active part of the decision process many times.  Modern brides care about staying true to themselves and incorporating the latest jewellery trends into their ring; so we’ve created a list of our favourite engagement ring trends for today’s modern bride:


  • Pay attention to what’s trending this year. Halo styles have been trending for several years; but lately, modern brides prefer halo rings with more unique styles, whether they have rounded edges, double halos, or even a floral design of petals and vines surrounding your centre diamond. Another popular trend lately is the swirl style or the “over-under” style. This design shows off the centre stone and is surrounded by a metal swirl band. It’s often paired with your wedding band so you can make sure they fit. You can find a collection of unique engagement rings in Sydney at Delphi Diamonds. Check out their website to see what they have on offer.


  • Try a different kind of band. Besides the swirl band, you have other options, such as a split shank band. If you want a really modern look, you can ask for a deeper split. Buying a band with multiple metals has also become trendy. It can look stunning to mix rose gold and white gold or even combine all three shades of gold, particularly in halo style or swirl style rings.  In particular, rose gold has made a comeback this year and provides a subtle approach to diamonds or rubies, while still keeping a white gold band. Delicate pave bands with diamonds are also trendy this year.


  • Pick a diamond shape more suited for a modern bride. While round and princess cut rings are traditional, try different diamond shapes as well. Consider an oval-shaped diamond but have it set horizontally or what is known as “East-West setting”. Such setting lets the diamond stand out even more. Angular-shaped cuts, such as an emerald cut work well too, because the elongated shape reminds others of a bold modern staircase, perfect for a modern bride.


  • Using coloured diamonds or stones is a popular trend. While modern brides love different designs, they also appreciate colourful stones.  Instead of a classic white diamond, consider making the centre diamond a pink argyle diamond for a burst of colour. If you’re on a tighter budget, you can play around with rubies or sapphires as the centre stone, with diamonds surrounding it or encircling the band. An amethyst and diamond ring has also become popular because amethyst reminds brides of Valentine’s Day and love.


  • Add other modern details. Look at designs with intricate detailing on the sides which will make the ring stunningly visual from any direction. Consider looking at more square bands than rounded ones, since they won’t pinch her fingers than as she goes about her daily life.

While traditional engagement rings are lovely, there is nothing wrong with wanting bolder colours and different styles. You’ve been a modern woman for a while and you know what you want.