Popular Styles Of Body Jewelry & Piercing

The body piercing tradition and the jewelry it is associated with have a history that stretches back for thousands of centuries. In today’s world, piercings are becoming a popular way to express oneself and have a unique style. No matter if you have a history of piercings or are considering getting one, there are many types of piercings available and styles for body jewelry. In this article, we’ll delve into some of the most popular types of piercings and the diverse jewelry options available, all while highlighting the importance of finding the perfect pieces at

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Types of Pierced: A World of Possibilities

  1. Nose Piercings: Septum and nostril piercings are very popular. Most commonly, nose jewelry consists of captive bead bands, nose studs, or seamless hoops. The range of styles offers a variety of looks, including understated elegance and bold and edgy.
  2. Laboratory and Lip Piercings: The piercings of the lips, such as Monroe’s Madonna and Medusa’s Medusa, are distinct and expressive. They are usually pierced with labret studs. You can personalize them and create a style statement.
  3. Under Eyebrow Piercings: Under Eyebrow Piercings provide a new aesthetic dimension for the face. Commonly, eyebrow jewelry uses captive beads and curved barbell rings. They are an excellent way to express your individuality and enhance your facial characteristics.
  4. Surface piercings: surface piercings are those that pierce the skin instead of going through a defined point. They can go on any part of the body. For example, they could be placed at the collarbone, the nape, or the hip. Surface bars and barbells with curved surfaces are popular choices when it comes to surface piercing.
  5. Thermal Piercings: Thermal piercings can also be called micro dermal or one-point piercings. This involves the insertion of jewelry or anchors beneath the skin. These piercings create unique jewelry and can be done in various parts of the body. Dermal anchors and tops come in different shapes and sizes, allowing for unique combinations.
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Body Jewelry Styles: Finding Your Unique Expression

  • Traditional and classic styles: Simple jewelry styles like studs, hoops, and beaded rings never go away. The pieces are easy to wear every day, versatile, and can easily be mixed to create timeless looks.
  • Boho Styles: Boho-style body jewelry includes natural elements, including feathers, stones, and beads. These pieces give your style a whimsical, free-spirited feel.
  • Styles of Minimalist and Contemporary Jewelry: Minimalist jewelry is all about sleek lines, simple shapes, understated beauty, and minimalist elegance. You can choose from geometric studs to sleek septum Clickers or dainty Hoops.
  • Colorful And Playful Styles: Those who enjoy experimenting with color will find an array of options. With vibrantly colored gemstones or jewelry that is enamel-coated, you can inject a sense of fun and playfulness into your piercings.
  • Styles that are Luxurious & Glamorous: If you’re looking to make an impact or for special occasions, go with luxurious jewelry in precious metals & gemstones. These pieces exude sophistication.


Whether you’re starting your piercing journey or looking to expand your collection, offers a wide range of piercing jewelry styles and options to cater to your tastes and preferences. Always prioritize safety and the quality of body jewelry when shopping. Reputable online stores can help you choose pieces that suit your style, complement your body piercings, and express your individuality.

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