Practical Reasons To Opt For Solid Wood Flooring

We all know that a beautiful home is all about the detail. The choice of accessories, the use of colour, and your preference for soft furnishings all help give your home its style, and are a good reflector of your personal taste. But another aspect of your home that is also very important is the type of flooring you choose. In recent years we have seen a move from traditional carpets to both artificial and hardwood surfaces. I chose a solid wood floor for my dining room and can honestly say I have never regretted it.

Here are some reasons why I chose to opt for Solid Wood Flooring.

Stylish and timeless.

One of the main problems with choosing a floor covering is that they reflect current fashions, and, as such, can become very dated very quickly. Carpets in particular, reflect the trends in colours and fashions and then suddenly look outdated as these change (a case in point was the stripy carpets and curtains in the 1980s). A solid wood floor however, totally transcends this, it is stylish and elegant without being part of fashion, classic in the same way that a crisp white shirt is.

Your wooden floor will be perfect even if you change your furniture and colour scheme, it will be a perfect base to build your style around and will work whatever trend you opt for.

Hardworking and Hardwearing

The problem with a carpet is that it never looks as good as the day it was fitted, carpets suffer from spills and stains, wear and tear and even with professional cleaning, the look suffers. Solid wood floors only look better as they age, ageing only adds value to the look and the solid wood floor is able to weather everyday use much better than its laminate equivalents.

Easier to Clean

Spillages are easy to wipe clean, and stains and dirt are much easier to see than on a carpet, which can harbour germs, dirt and dust mites that your vacuum will not be able to move, all these details make a solid wood floor a much more hygienic option, especially if you have young children or pets.

The fact that a solid wooden floor is so much easier to clean means it is able to maintain its attractive appearance for so much longer than a carpet, which can lose its look with deep seated stains that can’t be moved.

Our solid wooden floor has lasted for 15 years and counting, so it proves to be a good economical decision too.

Do you have any solid wood floors?

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