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Preloved goods with Secondwow

For as long as I can remember I have had an obsession with finding second hand bargains. I have trawled vintage stores, car boot sales, charity shops, jumble sales and the internet for fabulous finds. I look for vintage clothing, gorgeous things for the home, Art Deco collectables and beautiful mirror compacts. Lately I have also been looking for retro football strips and Subbuteo sets for Joe. There are some great items waiting to be found out there, but it can also be difficult to find good quality pieces that are also in good condition.

Secondwow is a new site which allows you to find a wide range of second hand, preloved products at the most reasonable price possible. The site is run by a group of individuals who have a shared love of thrift shopping and saving money. Secondwow offers a large range of products for sale in many different catagories, ranging from clothing, both designer and High Street, furniture for the home and garden, electronics, jewellery, even vehicles.

As well as sourcing products, the Secondwow sites has guides and advice, sharing things that you should look for when purchasing second hand goods. I have read the guide to buying second hand clothing as this is something I have a real interest in. There are some really good tips in the guide, including great advice about taking care with retro sizing, or with just relying on the UK sizing system, as items from abroad can have completely different sizing which means a 12 may not be a UK 12 (UK to US anyone!)


Secondwow Clothing

Secondwow understands the importance of finding reputable sellers and merchants when purchasing anything, and clothing is no exception to this rule. Secondwow wants to connect honest, reputable sellers and quality products with people who are looking for those products at an affordable price – hence a win-win situation.


If you are a fan of second-hand, preloved products, but not so keen on the carboot, charity shop hunting ground, this is a site that you really need to add to your online, shopping bookmarks.


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