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#PrepforParadise with Molton Brown

Molton Brown London is a name that is totally synonymous with pampering bath, body and beauty products. Founded in London in the vintage year of 1973 (the year my hubby was born so I have to say that!), Molton Brown fuses exotic ingredients together, blending them into products which have intoxicating scents and leave your skin feeling brand new. The brand never stands still, constantly evolving and creating new blends and products, with the added allure that all your favourites are also completely animal friendly. Molton Brown is a British beauty institution that I am very excited and proud to be working with.

 Ylang-Ylang Relaxing Body Gift Set Write a review Write the first review £52.00 click to visit Molton Browm
Ylang-Ylang Relaxing Body Gift Set
£52.00 click to visit Molton Browm
Ylang-Ylang Nourishing Body Lotion £25 click to visit Molton Brown
Ylang-Ylang Nourishing Body Lotion £25 click to visit Molton Brown
Gorgeously gift box
Gorgeously gift boxed.

Molton Brown have recently introduced their new body polisher collection. The body polisher is an enriched body scrub that is used for exfoliation, and comes in a range of tempting flavours that are inspired by tropical Islands and lands. The body polisher is said to work best as part of a three step skincare routine, and I was asked to try out this routine and share my thoughts. I chose to try the Ylang Ylang range as this is one of my favourite scents, and so I was sent three products:-

  • Ylang Ylang Bodywash (£18)
  • Ylang Ylang Comforting Body Polisher (£34)
  • Ylang Ylang Nourishing body Lotion (£25)

The idea is that you relax the body with a comforting soak in the bodywash, then exfoliate the skin with the body polisher, and finish off with the deep and nourishing body lotion, which moisturises the skin and locks in the scent.


Step 1

I started with the bodywash. I added a small amount under a running tap and could instantly smell the delicious fragrance which is a mixture of Ylang Ylang and Cardomen (I love the description that it is ‘floriental’ – that totally works.) You do not need to add a large amount to the water in order to create a lather – this is a highly concentrated product and a little goes a long way.

The scent certainly helps the relaxation, it is warm and soothing, and clings to your skin. As this is a bodywash, you could also use it in the shower, but I think it works best when it is used as part of a luxurious bathtime treat.




Step 2

Now it is time for the exfoliation. The body polisher includes Madagascan black vanilla grain. Now, I am not a fan of Vanilla scents, but this is more in the Tom Ford catagory than ice cream flavouring. It is a dark, deep, rich scent that works so well with the Ylang Ylang, and makes this a perfect unisex fragrance. I scooped a small amount out of the jar (rather beautiful and luxurious looking) and warmed it in my hands before massaging in an upward motion in order to stimulate the skin. This works in a similar way to body brushing and leaves the skin feeling fresh with a slight, pleasant tingle. I particularly loved using this on areas of dry skin – knees, elbows and soles of my feet showed almost instant improvement and softness.

I loved the texture of the polisher, not as harsh as some exfoliators can be, and once again, the scent was heady and beautiful, even when using just a small amount. Your skin feels so clean after using this, it really is invigorating and cleansing.



Step 3

Once the skin is cleaned and dry, the final step is to add moisture in the form of the nourishing body lotion. I have been using Molton Brown body lotions for years, I love how they are not too thick and cloying, and add moisture instantly be being absorbed and adding nourishment into the skin. The pump action bottle helps you to control the amount you use, and the creamy texture completes the cycle of softening, cleansing and then nourishing your skin.

The products are just heavenly, and perfectly prepare the skin for the extremes of Autumn/Winter weather, as well as being perfect for warmer days and preparation for holiday skin.

Have you ever tried any Molton Brown products? Do you have a favourite?

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