Recent irritations from the wonderful world of fashion.

Fearne Cotton

Image by septuagesima via Flickr

Fashion – I just love it! I love everything about it! Well, actually you need to scrap that last comment. I don’t love everything about it. In fact, some things get me completely hot under the collar. Here are a few more of my choice irritations from the wonderful world of fashion.

  1. Alpine style Christmas jumpers for the whole of the Autumn/Winter 2010 season, not just December 25th. Forget the notion that this is the present from batty great Aunt Betty that you try to hide in the bottom of the closet, or only wear when also sporting seasonal antlers, the Christmas jumper/dress is totally ‘de jour’ this season. Fir trees and snowflakes were all over the catwalk, and now the High Street. I could say channel your inner geek and get one…but Iwon’t.
  2. Fearne Cotton – again! I actually quite like Fearne when I can’t see her, I sometimes listen to her radio show and I do enjoy it. But when I see her, in magazines, or on TV, sporting hideous brogues with ankle socks, I just cringe. She looks like she should be leading a scout troop, rather than gaining style icon plaudits. Her constant self promotion of her ‘Very’ collection is also annoying in the extreme.
  3. The funny, but cruel reaction of E Channel’s ‘Fashion Police‘ to curvy ladies. On the issue of the stunning Julia Roberts gaining a few pounds for her role in the movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love‘, Joan Rivers said ‘It should be called Eat, Pray, eat again, barf’ and claimed Julia Roberts had ‘porked up’. Jessica Simpson was accused of eating a belt, whilst Christina Hendricks is constantly given the weeks worst dressed award. Give the curvy girls a break Joan, we can’t all be stick thin. It’s probably worth remembering that Joan Rivers is permanently stunned rather than stunning.
  4. Bare legs in this colder climate. Maybe it works in sunny California, but whilst on the red carpet in Blighty, stars and starlets need to invest in a pair of Wolfords. Goose pimples and patchy skin is so not a good look. (You know who you are ladies – get your tights on.)
  5. The non uniformity of sizes in ladies clothing. I was recently forced to try on a size 22 coat in Asda George whilst wearing a size 16 River Island dress! How does that work?  I have a size 14 skirt from Wallis that fits like a glove, and a size 20 skirt from Matalan that doesn’t. Is it too much to ask for some uniformity in sizing across the High Street, so we can try after we buy, and not face an unwanted 2nd trip to the shops?


That’s my monthly rant over. I feel so much better for that!

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