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For many women, our hair is our crowning glory. We are defined by our manes, our hairstyles define us, and can often be our most recognisable feature. This has been true throughout literature and history, think of Rapunzal and that plait, Elizabeth the 1st and that mane of tudor red hair, of Lady Godiva sparing her blushes with her long locks, right up to the flappers of the 1920s with their chic bobs indicating the new freedoms of their owners. Clearly hair is important, is a statement, but what happens if you start to lose your crowning glory? Is there any way to prevent, or at least to mitigate, hair loss?

Mayraki Professional is an all natural haircare brand that is dedicated to revitalising, rejuvenating, and basically giving your hair the best treatment possible. It has a wide range of products that are focused on different hair problems, from thinning and hair loss, to banishing the grey, to repairing damaged hair, to just restoring some of the lustre and shine that we can lose as we get older.

The products that most interested me were the ones linked to hair loss. I am currently in what I believe to be peri-menopause, and one of the things I had noticed recently was that my hair has been thinning. I have never had thick hair – it has always been fine and flyaway, but I have always had lots of it, and that felt no longer to be true. I noticed lots of hair on my hair brush after a vigorous brushing, far more than before. My pony tail, in particular, felt noticeably thinner.

I have therefore been trying the Mayraki Professional Anti Hairloss and hair growth shampoo kit. This is made up of a two step programme, the scalp purifying anti-aging scalp cleanser and the Anti Hairloss & Hair Growth Shampoo, and the two are designed to be used together, using the scalp cleanser first, and then the shampoo. The two steps can then also be followed up with a real hair treat, the Hair Growth Serum Intense with Copper Peptide GHK-Cu

I absolutely love these products. I love the fact they come in pump action bottles so you can control how much you are using, and the fact that the 300ml bottles are really generous and will last quite a long time. I love the gorgeous natural smell they give, mixing ingredients like sunflower extract and almond oil to give off a wonderfully clean and healthy scent. I love that the products feel gentle, they don’t sting the scalp or burn, like some treatments can do. But, most of all I love that they actually work!

I’ve been using these products on my hair for a month now, and there is definitely a thickening of the hair that I can notice. My hair feels softer, but most importantly, it feels thicker, and less greasy than in the past. There is a fullness to my hair when worn down, and it is also shinier – it just looks healthier in all areas. My hair can tend to be greasy the second day after washing, but with this I can go a second day before washing, and although much less greasy, it hasn’t dried it out thereby replacing one problem with another.  My hair looks and feels much better, and it is no longer falling out at the worrying rate of previously.

If you are struggling with your hair – peri menopausal, post partum, or just stress or worry related, I would definitely look at trying the products from Mayraki Professional. They are all vegan too, so should be perfect for anyone.

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