Renew, Hydrate and Relax at Molton Brown.

Molton Brown products are one of my favourite pampering treats. From Vitamin ABC hand wash to Blissful Templetree in my bath, nothing makes me feel more relaxed, or invigorated than a Molton Brown session.

This month has seen the launch of  the new ‘Body Remedies’ problem solved campaign. This is a range of 12 new and improved body remedy products that are categorised under the headings of ‘renew’, ‘hydrate’ and relax.

The new collection Renew, Hydrate and Relax

To celebrate the launch, Molton Brown salons across the country have been offering complimentary mini pampering treatments. This has consisted of hand and arm massages using the new ranges, to give a demonstration of just how good these products are. So, with my sister Jodie, I booked my treatment at my local Molton Brown salon in The Bullring, Birmingham,  in order to give you my opinion of the products and the pampering experience.

Natalie from the Bullring branch was in charge of my treatment, which was carried out using the renew range, which is described as ‘Gym for the skin’. She explained that the main ingredient of this range is Ambrusca grapeleaf extract, which gives it an amazing fresh smell and helps to revitalise tired, dull skin. The first part of the treatment was a body scrub using the ‘Ambrusca wash and scrub’. This felt amazing, leaving my skin feeling tingly and fresh.

The body scrub was followed by a hand and arm massage using Ambrusca body hydra-tone.  Again, the main ingredient in this treatment is the Ambrusca grape-leaf, but this also contains essential oils to help moisturise and firm the skin. The massage was extremely relaxing, and Natalie was very knowledgable about the products and their skin benefits.

Whilst Jodie had her treatment with Natalie’s colleague Becky, I chatted to Natalie about the complimentary treatments, and how customers were reacting to the new products. It seems that many clients have already been booked in for the new treatments, and that other customers have had the hand.arm massage suggested when they have been browsing around the store, The reaction to the new products has been very positive, and the salon has been extremely busy.

Jodie receives her treatment from Becky

I thoroughly enjoyed my treatment and found I couldn’t leave the store without at least one Ambrusca product. If you feel similarly tempted, contact the Bullring store to book your own treatment on 0121 643 2717.

Becky and Natalie from Molton Brown, Birmingham


Thanks to Natalie and Becky in Molton Brown, Bullring, Birmingham for their help, advice and the pampering!


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