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As a fairly big busted lady, I can hold my hand on my heart and say I never go without a bra. I have an array of multiways bra’s that allow me to go strapless, wear halter necks and basically cope with anything that fashion happens to throw at me. But just occasionally I meet a dress for whom no bra would work, due to a completely backless nature. Yes, I could opt for a strapless bra, but this would be clearly visable from the back. I could try an halter neck style, but again, the back fastening would be obvious, and would spoil the dress. This is a dilemma I have faced with a dress that I had planned to wear for my brother’s wedding in Cyprus next month, but thankfully I have found a product that is just the answer I needed to my problem.

The Magic Bodyfashion Amazing Bra is backless, strapless and invisible. In short, it is a bra that you could wear with any top or dress, regardless of how much flesh you happen to have on show. The website describes precisely how it works:-

“A patented ‘Bra gel’ process ensures the AMAZING BRA stays in position perfectly and is invisible beneath clothing. The Silicone Cups are front-fastening to give a push-up effect; the cups give volume to the breasts. No shoulder or back straps.”

This would so easily, you literally stick it on to your boobs and then use the front clasp to give you a push up effect. It is not uncomfortable to wear, you simply forget you are wearing it, and the padded gel effect is not only comfortable, but stops the appearance of erect nipples spoiling the look of your dress. It comes in five sizes, from A to E, which starts at about a 32A and goes right up to a 38E.

Amazing Bra Backless, strapless and invisible £42.50 Click to visit Magic Bodyfashion

For my brother’s upcoming wedding I have chosen a dress that has beautiful back detail. I won’t go strapless so this is a perfect option for me. If you ignore the creases of my dress (I had taken it out of the bag just minutes before) and just look at the top, you can see I am offered some support so the dress doesn’t sag, but this also allows the back to go unsullied by straps and fastenings that would simply spoil the look.



I will feel so much better wearing this dress knowing I have hidden support from the ‘Amazing Bra’. No I just need to sort the creases and my accessories (still turn between gold and silver shoes – thoughts?) and I’ll be all set to watch a trip down the aisle.



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8 thoughts on “Reviewed – Magic Bodyfashion Amazing Bra

  1. Ive seen a few of these types of bra’s about and always wondered if they actually provided good support. Its good to hear that they work for the big busted girls too!

  2. This looks interesting, I am an E cup and want to wear strappy tops but can’t because of awful bra straps. I would like to know if they last all day

  3. I’m big busted too and I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now that summer is here. It’s good to know that it’s not uncomfortable.

  4. I have been seeing this a lot lately advertised online but I never thought they would actually work. Indeed when you want to wear a beautiful open back dress you need to find a solution for the bra, as the straps are never looking nice. This seems to be that great solution.

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