Reviewed: My Little Paris ‘Creative Paris’

My Little Paris is an online phenomenon, full of fabulous articles about fashion, beauty, interiors and lifestyle that divulge that most stylish of cities lifestyle secrets. Want to know the best places to eat, to shop, to stay – then you check out My Little Paris. And now, in a stunning new coffee table book, some of the creative team behind the website are taking us into their own personal spaces, their own homes in order to reveal their own interiors style.

The book Creative Paris, which is published by Flammarion, is a beautiful, photographic representation of a host of stylish and eclectic interiors. Hardback, and literally chocked full of wonderful colour photographs, this is a book that is heavy on image rather than words, letting the looks and styles speak for themselves. It is perfect if you are looking for some interior inspiration for a particular room, or indeed your whole home, and offers advice on the sorts of items that can be picked up at car boot sales, flea markets and junk shops.

I love the variety of spaces that are covered in this book, as well as the space that each home is given, you get to see the interior style in real detail, taking in how things are displayed, how ordinary things can be made to look extraordinary – the way clothes are hung, jewellery is stored, literally the smallest of details can totally change the look of a room.

This is a beautiful book that will look elegant on your coffee table, but also offers real inspiration that can prove useful if you are currently redecorating, or planning to. As we move away from High Street sameness, and look towards more expressions of our individuality, the homes in Creative Paris show how you can truly put your own stamp on things.

You can find the book at Amazon by clicking on the link here.

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