Reviewed: A Simba Hybrid Mattress

A good night sleep is so important. We feel so much better when we’ve had our sleep. We are more productive, face the day better, and are able to cope with stresses and strain. And yet many of us do not get the sleep we need, and although some of this restlessness can be caused by stress, worry and insomnia, much of this is caused by not being comfortable enough – being too hot, finding the bed too lumpy and generally not being able to relax in comfort.

Simba Hybrid Mattresses offer you a night’s sleep like you’ve never had before. The mattress is made up of three layers that combine to create the perfect mattress (as they say, it didn’t exist so they had to create it.). The bottom layer is all about the springs, which are unique patented Titanium aerocoil spring comfort, these are small springs rather than the larger type found in most mattresses which means they offer both comfort and support, and, as they are at the bottom of the mattress, this also means no more springs sticking into you as you sleep.

The other two layers are comprised of an open cell foam layer and a breathable sleep surface that is designed to keep the bed cooler than your average mattress. One of the main issues that lead to us not getting a good night’s sleep is getting too hot in bed, especially in Summer when we can face hot and humid nights, and conversely also in Winter when we have left the central heating on due to low and dropping temperatures. The Simba Hybrid Mattress helps to control the heat and temperature within your bed, helping you to sleep in comfort.

I have been sleeping on a Simba Mattress for a few days now. I was impressed that it was delivered in a box, making it so much easier to get up the stairs to the bedroom. It work fine on our slated bed. It took a few hours to fully inflate to size after being in the box, but was ready for bedtime. It does take a little getting used to after sleeping on a traditional mattress, but both my husband and myself suffer with pain that makes sleep difficult – my husband in his back after suffering from slipped discs, and I have tendonitis, which makes sleeping on my side an issue. Even after a few days there is a marked difference with us both feeling less pain when trying to sleep.

Simba are so sure of their mattresses that they offer a 200 day trial, and also offer a payment system that allows for installments.In this year when we have spent so much time in our homes I think a good nights sleep is a luxury that we all deserve. You certainly get this with a Simba Hybrid Mattress.

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