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Reviewed: The Colour Of Fashion By Caroline Young

Fashion. What is it that makes something fashionable, iconic, a trend. The answer to this is that there are many reasons why something becomes fashionable – its design, the original wearer, its newness or even a controversy, which can also be linked back to the shock of the new. But to all these reasons, we must also add colour. Chanel’s Little black dress brought a colour that was reserved for mourning into the mainstream, whilst Valentino may have used lots of colours in his career, but is totally identified with Valentino red. Would Dorothy’s shoes in the Wizard of Oz have become quite so legendary if they had stayed their original green shade? Would the iconic dresses from La La Land, Atonement or Gone With The Wind be quite so iconic if they had been in a different shade? Colour is important, it makes a statement, it tells a story.

Now, in a beautiful new hardback book from Welbeck Publishing, author Caroline Young is telling the story of The Colour of Fashion in ten shades. From the classic black and white, to zesty shades of orange, green and yellow, to primary red and blue and also incorporating neutral beige/brown, each colour is given a chapter to show of its importance to fashion, both in terms of catwalk style and designs, memorable looks from movie and television, red carpet magic and even celebrity off duty style.

This is a book for fashion lovers, and fashion students alike. You learn about how the colours were actually created, and how and why certain designers have a love for a certain colour, going back to it again and again. Each colour has a dedicated chapter where it is dissected, with stories of the colour from history and in more modern times, and each chapter is illustrated with colour photographs of some of the most iconic fashion looks at all times.

This is rather on the small side to be a coffee table book, but it is a beautiful looking book, with cover art reminiscent of  Cecil Beaton style 1950s tomes. I love the way the pages of each chapter are edged in the colour being discussed, a really stylish touch that makes the book look stylish from any angle.

This is a great book to give as a gift or to enjoy yourself. Full of insight, stories and beautiful images, it is simply gorgeous, whatever your favourite colour might be.

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