Reviewed: The Legend of Mr Ween

If you are a fan of All Hallows Eve, of all the freaky, spooky and downright scary traditions that we celebrate on October 31st, then I have got a real treat for you. Daren Ross has produced a very special short story, ‘the legend of Mr Ween’ which gives us a possible background story to why we must celebrate Halloween, and a background story as to why Boston owes a debt of gratitude to Hal Ween, the man who saved their city one cold October night…(You can download your own free copy of the book here.)

Boston is a place on the edge. People are becoming addicted to a mysterious elixir that seems to change behaviours causing havoc, destruction and death in close quarters. When Hal Ween comes into town, looking for work, he finds a place that is unfriendly, from the birds that hover over the city, to the people who are unhelpful, violent and malevelant.

Hal finds work with Dr Condo, a friendly face in a town sorely lacking in them. It turns out he is also worried about the events in Boston, and the change in the people, and enlists Hal to help him with his investigations. But is Hal all he seems, or is he hiding a secret of his own?

This is a gorgeous tale of mystery, a perfect Halloween read for those who love Sleepy Hollow, The Nightmare before Christmas and Jack O Lanterns. The characters are, in turns, warm and heroic (Hal and Dr Condo) and genuinely frightening (the Faded Ghost). The story has plenty of surprises to keep you intrigued, and offers a satisfying answer to who and what we might be celebrating and remembering on Halloween.

If you love things that go bump in the night, then you need to download your own copy now to enjoy this Halloween.

Don’t have nightmares!

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