Reviewed: TJC Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

In recent years, Amazon has become well known for far more than just books. Fashion, accessories, home wares and jewellery are all now available, with well known brand names and new, unusual independents all flourishing under the Amazon umbrella. One such brand is TJC, a jewellery and accessories brand that stocks a lovely range of high quality products, some of which would be just perfect for Valentine’s Day, which is coming up in the next few weeks.

The TJC Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings would make a perfect Valentine’s, or birthday gift. These are gemstone encrusted, delicate hoops, that contain birthstones, so you can make your gift truly personal. My own personal birthday is in June, which can alternate between pearls and moonstones, and it is moonstone that features in these earrings. I think you can agree that they are truly pretty, especially as moonstone often reflects other colours in different light.

These are a brilliant gift idea. They are sterling silver (925) that has been Platinum plated so they will not tarnish, and this adds a lovely lustre to the look. They have a fish hook closure that is not only very secure, but is also easy to open and close when you are putting on the earrings. They are hoops, but not overly big or ostentatious, so they will look elegant with a dress for a special occasion, but will work just as well with a pair of jeans and simple t-shirt. The delicate size also means they could work well for a younger wearer, possibly keeping in line with school uniform rules.

These earrings come in a perfect, black velvet pouch which means they can easily be delivered through the post to a loved one across the miles, and also means they avoid excess packaging that many of us try to avoid. They are a pair of earrings that I believe you will be wearing for years to come – simple, elegant and timeless.



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