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Reviewed – Traditional Toys from Bee Smart

In these times when so many children’s toys are made from cheap plastic, it is always a joy to allow children the experience of traditional style wooden toys. Bee Smart is a company that sells the most wonderful, well made toys that are perfect for under fives. These are the sort of toys that are not only fun, but are also durable and hard-wearing, making them a really clever buy this Christmas.


This Christmas Bee Smart has some products that are just perfect for the little musicians in your life. The Musical Xylophone with songsheet is a lovely, brightly coloured instrument that is both easy to use and attractive to young eyes.  It has a pair of light wooden beaters that are just the right weight for young children to handle. The primary coloured keys not only look great, but also offer information on musical notation, meaning that this item offers fun, but is also educational, with children having opportunities to recognise letters and musical notes. I also like the fact that this includes music sheets containing actual tunes that little ones will know and recognise.

Musical Xylophone with Song Sheet £11.99 click to visit Bee Smart
Musical Xylophone with Song Sheet £11.99 click to visit Bee Smart

Joe loved the Xylophone, enjoying the different sounds each note made and also the opportunity to start to play simple tunes. I would highly recommend this as a Christmas gift, the packaging is so smart it makes it appear far more expensive than the actual price.

Love the packaging
Love the packaging

The wooden keys are bright and eye-catching for little ones.
If you do have a musical child, or one who just loves to make a noise, then the musical tambourine with the bright coloured star print would be the perfect accompaniment to the xylophone. All children seem to love tambourines, and this one is such a fun design that it makes a lovely Christmas stocking filler. What I liked about this as a parent was that it was made from real wood, but with a perfect finish, no splinters or rough edges on this item. The same goes for the metal disks, these are light and safe for children to use.

Musical Tambourine £7.99 click to visit Bee Smart
Musical Tambourine £7.99 click to visit Bee Smart

Joe loved shaking this, but also discovered he could beat it with the Xylophone beater to make a different sound.  We were able to do so much speaking and listening around the two instruments – talking about different levels of sound, loud and quiet sounds, and different notes we could hear.  This makes it a good educational buy for under fives.


Bee Smart has some really interesting, well-made, traditional toys that I think make the perfect Christmas gift for inquisitive minds. To view the complete range, click here.


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